A book for Christmas, with Feltrinelli discounts up to 60%

A book for Christmas, with Feltrinelli discounts up to 60%

A book for Christmas

If you're well on your Christmas 2022 gift list but you also prefer to add a book to unpack and read during the most beautiful time of the year, then you're in time to do it for a small expense. In fact, we inform you that on the Feltrinelli store, only and exclusively online, there are many books with discounts of up to 60%.

The time to take advantage of them is very limited, since the promotion will last until tomorrow 11 December, the which means that you should immediately find 10 minutes of your time to take a look at the extensive Feltrinelli catalog which, we repeat, sees thousands of books of all kinds being discounted up to 60%, going against every reader.

Whether you have a favorite author or literary genre, the Feltrinelli catalog will be able to satisfy your preferences, being full of books from the most popular literary genres. From yellow to fantasy, through horror and science fiction, without forgetting the humorous and historical genre. There are so many valid and interesting proposals and, with shipping costs zeroed for orders of at least 25 euros, you will be tempted to buy many more books than you think.

In most cases, in fact, it will take less than 10 euros to add books capable of catching your attention to the basket and it would be a shame to pay the shipping costs, when perhaps adding another or two to the basket would be enough to take home more books at a similar price. Christmas is near and Feltrinelli knows it well, and that's why until 18 December the store also offers a fast shipping service, so you can be sure of receiving what you have purchased by Christmas.

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