Train big with MyProtein! -40% and two free products

Train big with MyProtein! -40% and two free products

If you are an amateur or professional sportsman and want to take advantage of the low temperatures of this time of year to train harder, you could help yourself with MyProtein food supplements, for years points of reference for those who pay close attention to their sports nutrition, now offered at prices cheaper than usual.

Until stocks run out, you can use the "IMPACTIT" discount code to save 40% on many protein bars and all kinds of snacks, except for the products of the Creatine line and Clear Whey Isolate. In addition to the discount, the portal will give you two products if you spend at least € 80. The latter are not mentioned, but there is a good chance that vitamins and supplements similar to the ones you added to your cart will be sent to you.

In short, a great way to stock up on products dedicated to sport, which are not only designed to keep your body in shape, but also to help you respect a correct diet, so that you never run out of proteins and, consequently, not compromise your performance.

Many MyProtein products also contribute to normal heart health, which is essential for physical, mental and social well-being. On each supplement or energy bar it is then reported how to take the product correctly, complete with the ingredients used for its creation, so that you can be sure of meeting your daily needs with the most suitable foods for you.

Il everything is made with natural substances, so there is no risk of running towards an unhealthy diet that is not suitable for your body. In short, there is something for all needs and we are sure that you will let yourself be carried away by these savings, supported by two surprise gifts. We therefore suggest you visit the dedicated page that we have conveniently linked to you.

Furthermore, before completing your purchase, we strongly suggest that you also subscribe to our three Telegram channels dedicated to offers, with specific channels dedicated to: Offers, Hardware & Tech and Clothing and Sports. Happy shopping!

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