If you are a foreigner in Hungary, a full tank of petrol costs 60% more

If you are a foreigner in Hungary, a full tank of petrol costs 60% more

If you are a foreigner in Hungary

Hungary, like many countries, is applying various measures to try to reduce the impact of an economic recession and one of the plans seems to be to make foreigners (drivers of vehicles with foreign license plates) pay more for fuel. The European Union, of which Hungary is a part, defined the move as "discriminatory" and asked the country to stop the two-tier charging system. Other measures introduced by Prime Minister Viktor Orban include taxing the "extra profits" of various sectors, including banks and airlines, which the government says would have enjoyed a huge increase in demand following the resolution of the pandemic.

Although we do not find Hungary's strategy on fuel prices justifiable, a broader look offers a slightly different view; Gasoline and diesel prices in Hungary are significantly lower than, for example, in their Austrian neighbors. While in Austria and Slovakia the price of petrol is, on average, 2 euros per liter regardless of the type of fuel, in Hungary it is 480 forints (limited from November 2021, about 1.21 euros).

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Orban attributed Hungary's poor economic situation to the war in neighboring Ukraine and the resulting EU sanctions against Russia. What is clear is that Hungary, which has its own currency, has suffered more than the EU states that have adopted the euro. ABC News reports that inflation in Hungary rose to 12.2% in May 2022, a much higher increase than the 8 percentage points recorded, on average, in the 19 countries that use the euro.

Diesel and Gasoline more Expensive for Foreigners in Hungary

Only drivers of cars with Hungarian registration plates will be able to refuel with petrol and oil at a lower, limited price, said the head of the office of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Gergely Gulyas. For foreigners, fuels will be sold at a premium, depending on the market price of fuels. The measure comes into force today, May 27. Today, the markup on foreigners is 42 percent.

According to Gulyas' explanations, Hungary has so far been able to refuel at the lowest price in Europe, which is why fuel tourism has come to fruition in the border areas.

In mid-November last year, Hungary introduced a fuel price cap to reduce the financial burden on the population in a situation of creeping inflation. Currently, the price of a liter of gasoline with an octane number of 95 and the cheapest diesel cannot exceed 480 forints, approx. BGN 2.40 at the bank exchange rate for today.

According to Gulyas, drivers have abused the difference in fuel prices in Hungary and other countries, where a liter of petrol costs much more. Therefore, it was decided to remove from the option for cheap fuel drivers of cars registered abroad. Foreigners will still be able to fill up on Hungarian gas stations, but at higher market prices

How the system will work:

Hungarian drivers refuel and go to the cash register. The employee checks the registration and charges the lower price for Hungarian plates. If the plate numbers are foreign, the bill will be higher. The difference that comes into force today is significant. If the petrol for the Hungarians is 480 forints, every foreigner, including the Bulgarians transiting through the country, will have to get 680 forints per liter of petrol, 3.40 levs, one lev more per liter than the locals.

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