The Callisto Protocol supports ray tracing and elements of Unreal Engine 5

The Callisto Protocol supports ray tracing and elements of Unreal Engine 5

The Callisto Protocol has returned to show itself on the occasion of Gamescom 2022 and various details on the characteristics of the game have been released by Chief Technical Officer Mark James, who reported how the title supports ray tracing and contains some elements of Unreal Engine 5, as far as pare.

"It was important for us to achieve a physical consistency of light and shadow in the game," explained James, "contrasts and occlusion are important to a horror. Using our scale based on corridors of up to 20 meters, we noticed that about 8 light sources can have effects on the surfaces of the setting ".

To achieve these results, ray tracing is useful but it seems that the Unreal Engine 4 is not able to handle such a complexity with regards to the lighting system.

"Unfortunately, we noticed that UE4 is limited to only 4 light sources capable of generating shadows, so we first worked on modifying the engine so that we could insert more sources at a lower cost in terms of performance ".

The Striking Distance team has therefore come up with a solution with hybrid ray traced shadows. Moving forward with development, as Unreal Engine 5 had already emerged in more complete form, the developers also collaborated with Epic Games to introduce some features of the new graphics engine into The Callisto Protocol pipeline, which led to intermediate solutions between one generation and another, actually introducing some technical elements that are present in Unreal Engine 5.

In particular, the reflections and part of the management of the lights are linked to ray tracing and to more advanced features of the Epic Games graphics engine. For the rest, we have seen in the past few hours Glen Schofield's admission on the use of crunch in development and the fact that the game will be supported with DLCs for a year after launch.

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