A new character will appear in the second part of Chainsaw Man

A new character will appear in the second part of Chainsaw Man

After more than a year and a half, tomorrow, July 13, 2022, the second part of Chainsaw Man will finally return, a manga written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto, meditating on Shueisha online systems. In the second part a new female character will make an appearance and she looks tougher than ever!

A new character in the second part of Chainsaw Man

The second part of Chainsaw Man will resume the narrative with the school story arc (Gakko-hen) and will be serialized through the Shonen Jump + website and application.

Chainsaw Man: the manga

The first part of the Chainsaw Man manga is was serialized from 2018 to 2020 on Weekly Shonen Jump with 11 total volumes. while the second part will no longer arrive on Weekly Shonen Jump, but on the respective digital application, Shonen Jump + and will begin in the early summer of 2022. The second part will adapt the school narrative arc (Gakko-hen).

In Italy the series is published by Planet Manga which describes the plot as follows:

Denji is a destitute boy, covered in debts, who makes a living by killing demons using his loyal Pochita, a demonic chainsaw-dog, his only friend. Fate has always been hard on Denji, but now it's about to take everything away from him. Everything, except Pochita's loyalty, who will offer his owner the opportunity to live a new cutting life. From the author of Fire Punch, the new phenomenon that ignited the pages of Shonen Jump, as crazy, lethal and thundering as the sharpest of rotating blades.

We remind you that this year the anime adaptation will be released and in Italy it will be available, with subtitles, for Crunchyroll.