Multiversus characters rating: what is the best


When you start playing some new game (whether it’s new to you or one released recently), you want to understand how it is balanced. One of the crucial points in this context is the division of capacities between the characters presented. Moreover, to successfully make your first steps in the game, you’d better choose a hero that is pretty easy to control. To find out the answers to these questions, the Mobalytics team conducted a little research and discovered Multiversus best character.

Multiversus: a new crossover platformer

The game we’re going to discuss came out in July 2022, so the players had a chance to get to know it. The game presents itself as a platformer where characters with different abilities fight in various modes (one-on-one battles and fighting in couples). The characters have diverse powers that serve better different goals. To concretize the matter, in Multiversus, you’ll find the characters' classes:

     bruisers – heroes making brilliant attacks;

     tanks – the characters to take the enemy’s attention and lead the team to victory;

     supports – those making it possible to deal with the hardest situations;

     assassins – doing their job quiet;

     mages – powerful ones, allowing them to get an advantage.

But as the game is well-balanced, choosing various characters of the same class does not mean the gameplay will be the same.

What is Mobalytics

To give you a clearer vision of how the Multiversus game is balanced, the Mobalytics team has done research with an estimation of characters’ difficulty. But who are Mobalytics, and why believe them?

Mobalitics – is a combination of means you can use to learn to operate your favorite games better. The main of them is an app you can find on, which helps you monitor and analyze your in-game activities to improve the performance figures and reach more. On the website, there's also a blog page where the Mobalitycs team shares the research, comparisons, rates, and other analytics based on recent events. A comfortable search bar and categorization help you navigate better and find the necessary information faster.

It is where you can find such character analysis describing the difference between the categories and forces.

The best characters in the game

Before defining the best and the worst characters, it’s worth mentioning that there are three criteria for typologies that Mobalitics offers us:

     character class which defines its abilities and role in co-op sessions;

     the complexity of handling;

     the general rating diving the characters on tiers.

According to the Mobalitics rate, the tier list has five levels. The infographics below have more detailed info concerning which character belongs to which tier.

As you can see, Bugs Bunny is the top hero as his capacities and difficulty level correlate the best. The largest number of characters you will find in the average "A" tier, where you can find every character class except for mages. Tiers "B" and "C" have only bruisers to play for. Among these guys, Taz (or Tazmanian Devil) is considered the worst of all the characters available in Multiversus. He is the easiest to operate, has the most primitive tricks to use, and offers the least variability for the gameplay. However, some particular players can turn these features into an advantage and use this character on a completely different level.

The rate of the Multiversus characters is based on the combination of criteria a player should take advantage of. Using this analysis, you can realize better which hero to start playing with and which is better for some particular goals in co-op games. So go find your perfect variant now and enjoy the gameplay even more!