Space Jam: A New Legacy, Michael Jordan's cameo confirmed

Space Jam: A New Legacy, Michael Jordan's cameo confirmed

Space Jam

Space Jam: A New Legacy, a direct sequel to the historic film starring Michael Jordan, which became a real cult of the 90s, is now just a few months away from the theatrical release and on HBO Max of Space Jam: A New Legacy. Since his announcement, many have wondered if the great basketball player could have a role of some sort and apparently the answer is yes.

Recently interviewed on Access Hollywood's microphones Don Cheadle, who in the new film will play the role of an evil artificial intelligence, confirmed the presence of Michael Jordan, explaining however that it will happen in an unusual and unexpected way.

The great protagonist of the new Space Jam will be the champion Lebron James, who will team up with the legendary Looney Tunes. The film will be released on July 16 in America, while Italy will have to wait until September. We will call it Space Jam: New Legends.

Space Jam: A New Legacy, Michael Jordan will also be there

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, Space Jam: A New Legacy will keep the classic mix of CGI and live-action. Some characters then underwent a restyling, above all that of Lola Bunny, which caused some controversy on social media, but was defended by the sword by the director and by Warner.

The cast will also include Khris Davis ( Judas and the Black Messiah, Atlanta), Sonequa Martin-Green (The Walking Dead, Star Trek: Discovery), newcomer Cedric Joe, Jeff Bergman and Eric Bauza (Looney Tunes Cartoons). This is the official synopsis:

On a trip to Warner Bros. studios, NBA superstar LeBron James and his son are accidentally trapped in a world that contains all of Warner's own stories and characters, under the control of an all-powerful force and malfunctioning called Al G (played by Don Cheadle). With the help of Bugs Bunny, LeBron must navigate a world never imagined before, filled with iconic movie scenes and characters as they rally the Looney Tunes to rescue his missing son. Now to return home, Lebron and the Tunes must unravel Al G’s mysterious plan and win an epic basketball game against the NBA’s super digitized versions and WNBA’s biggest stars as the world watches.

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Wait, Is Michael Jordan In Space Jam: A New Legacy?

From the earliest days when rumors of a Space Jam 2 first began, it seemed clear that what both fans and the studio wanted to do was largely recreate the concept of the original Space Jam, and simply replace Michael Jordan, who starred in the original film, with Lebron James. And for the most part, that seems to be what we're getting. The new movie will include basketball players, Looney Tunes, and a game of basketball, but beyond that it's not even clear if the new movie, which is officially called A New Legacy, is actually connected to the first Space Jam in any significant way. Except that apparently Michael Jordan will actually appear in the new movie, in some unspecified and unexpected way.

Don Cheadle, who co-stars in the new film, confirmed to Access that Michael Jordan does, in fact, appear in the new film. But he then added a caveat that creates more questions than it does answers. According to Cheadle...

Michael Jordan is in the movie, but not in the way you’d expect it.

Of course, 'not in the way you'd expect' covers a lot of ground. It would seem to eliminate a straight cameo appearance by Michael Jordan. That would be a thing people would expect if you told them Jordan was in the film. It probably also eliminates simply reusing footage from the original Space Jam. I would call that something we might expect to see, and thus, would seem to be eliminated from contention.

Beyond that, however, anything else would seem to be on the table. The most likely option could be Michael Jordan voicing an animated character in the film. He could voice an animated version of himself, or he could voice another character and appear as more of easter egg in the new Space Jam. This idea has promise because it would have been pretty simple to pull off with Jordan only needing to find the time to record some dialogue lines and not actually have to show up to the film production itself.

On the other hand, it could be something much more simple, MIchael Jordan being 'in the movie' could literally just be a picture of him that appears someplace in the film. Maybe there's a team photo in Bugs Bunny's house of everybody who won the game in the first movie. Or maybe, someplace in the digital world that Lebron James gets trapped in, we see a clip from an old Nike commercial. That was where the entire concept for Space Jam first began, so seeing a reference to it wouldn't be that surprising. Perhaps we could even get a 'new' Nike commercial in the movie and that's one way that Jordan actually could cameo but in an unexpected way.

We'll find out when Space Jam: A new Legacy arrives in theaters and on HBO Max in July.