MSI prepares new Z790 motherboards with DDR4 RAM

MSI prepares new Z790 motherboards with DDR4 RAM

With the introduction of Alder Lake CPUs, Intel was the first to adopt the latest standards in its platform, such as PCI-E 5.0 for GPUs and SSDs and DDR5 RAM. The high initial cost and, perhaps, the fact that it was the first generation of processors and motherboards to support the new standard, meant that the company also maintained compatibility with the cheaper and easier to find DDR4. The current situation sees the prices of the new generation of memories in steep decline, which is why we would have expected Z790 motherboards with only DDR5 support, exactly as happened with AMD and the new motherboards with AM5 socket.

Nonetheless, it seems that DDR4 will keep us company for a while longer: MSI is in fact working to launch new Intel Z790 motherboard models that support the very old memory standard.

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According to rumors, this "Extreme Performance" mode allows you to unlock the processor power limits by taking them to 350W, in order to further push frequencies, but also temperatures. To manage such power absorption, very high requirements are required which increase the price of the motherboard, so it is natural that on more "budget-friendly" models the functionality is not present. In any case, the leaked MSI models seem a good solution in case there is a need to save something, without giving up a system equipped with the latest generation of Intel CPUs; the Raptor Lake range is expected to be presented on September 27th, at the Intel InnovatiON event.