Bitwarden now allows you to create "fake" emails

Bitwarden now allows you to create fake emails

With the latest update, Bitwarden, one of the most popular password managers available today, introduces a new feature that allows you to create "fake" emails. We call them that because they are not simple aliases, but a sort of proxy with message forwarding, which aims to prevent online services from knowing your real e-mail address.

So, you can create "disposable" addresses for each website you decide to subscribe to, and e-mails sent to these e-mails will be redirected to your main mailbox. This way, if you start receiving unwanted e-mails and / or spam messages, you can stop forwarding from the specific proxy address, keeping your primary mailbox clean and tidy.

Bitwarden is a great password manager
In in any case, with respect to the configuration required on the individual providers, Bitwander has streamlined the procedure: just go to the configuration page and generate your new e-mail address without having to go to the reference website of the service.

The first time you configure your first address, you will need to add the API keys of the chosen service (eg Firefox Relay) to Bitwarden, after which you can use the password manager without too much effort. The feature is available as a browser extension compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. Thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy greater privacy on the web, an effort that we appreciate on the part of Bitwarden and which further confirms its place among the best password managers around.

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