How the Dynamic Island (i.e. the interactive notch) of the new iPhone 14 Pro works

How the Dynamic Island (i.e. the interactive notch) of the new iPhone 14 Pro works

Dynamic Island, the new notification interface of the iPhone 14 Pro just presented, was a surprise. But it is not the first time that Apple has amazed with small innovations that are so logical and simple as to suggest that it was impossible to live without.

The best innovations are those that seem to have always existed after five minutes. If you think about it, it was like this with the multi-touch smartphone: when Apple first put the iPhone on the market, you could double-tap to zoom in on a portion of text on a website or pinch to zoom an image. , two fingers to rotate it and two fingers to zoom out. Not to mention the push to the right and left to browse the screen, upwards to close an app and so on.

In Cupertino, presenting the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max with the pill notch "and Dynamic Island notifications, he did it again. What on the big screen of the Steve Jobs Theater, during the keynote, seemed a simply brilliant interface innovation, a touch of class that no one had thought of before, after ten minutes of "field test" in the demo area at Apple Park of Cupertino where we participated in the "Far Out" event, has become perfectly normal.| apps that are miniaturized while doing other things, calls, appointments, countdown and alarm, the call to Siri. Everything acquires a sense thanks also to the work that has been done to integrate even more deeply the hardware (the screen and the functioning of the processor that manages it) and the software (the different notifications, their activation). The result is perfectly logical, almost liquid in its way of functioning and unique to Apple.

Dynamic Island animation with some different notifications

Apple image There is no doubt that this it will be one of the first things that will be copied by the Android competition, also because good ideas are so obvious that it seems impossible that others have not had them too. But it is very difficult to reach that level of morbidity and fluidity that Apple was able to touch already in this preliminary phase (iOS 16 has not yet come out of the public beta phase) of its operating system. A surprising work that underlines how Apple has an advantage from the point of view of the integration of its systems (hardware and software) and how it administers the advantage not by making a bolt but by relaunching and trying to increase it.