Top 10 best-selling games in Italy, end of January 2022: between PS5 and Switch, Xbox surprise check

Top 10 best-selling games in Italy, end of January 2022: between PS5 and Switch, Xbox surprise check

Top 10 best-selling games in Italy, end of January 2022

Through IIDEA we have the opportunity to see the Top 10 of the best-selling games in Italy at the end of January 2022, precisely in the week that goes from 24 to 30 January. The ranking shows us that, surprisingly, an Xbox game appears among those PS5, PS4 and Switch.

Let's first of all see the overall ranking of the best-selling games on consoles and PCs, both physical and digital data:

Legends Pokémon Arceus - Switch (no digital data) FIFA 22 - PS4 Uncharted Collection Legacy of Thieves - PS5 GTA 5 - PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man - PS4 FIFA 22 - Xbox One Call of Duty Vanguard - PS5 Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition - Switch Just Dance 2022 - Switch Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - PS4

As you can see, the Xbox One version of FIFA 22 is in the ranking. This is not a foregone conclusion, given that in Italy the Top 10 sales are usually dominated by Switch and PlayStation. Speaking of FIFA 22, the Switch version has often sold more than the Xbox one. However, the appearance of PS5 games is also surprising.

An aquatic panorama of Pokémon Legends: Arceus The exclusively console ranking is obviously identical to the overall one, so let's avoid reporting it. However, we can finally report the PC only ranking, indicated by the data reported by IIDEA:

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Red Dead Redemption 2 The Sims 4 GTA 5 For Honor Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Jump Force Cities Skylines FIFA 22 F1 2021

Source Have you noticed any errors?

Recap Monday’s fun and games with the F365 deadline day blog

Stay with Football365 for all the January transfer deadline day deals, rumours and bullsh*t. It looks set to be a daft one…

Here are all the January deals already completed.

00.01: Official in the morning? All the encouragement we need to take to our beds. Dele will be sorted too, I’m sure. It’s been a blast. Let’s do it all again in the summer.

11.46: What a serendipitous happenstance it is that Auba just happened to be on his holidays, eh readers? Really worked out well for everyone.

11.19: Weren’t expecting actual culture at this hour, were you? Yeah. Surprised you there, didn’t we? Back to Dele Alli puns shortly, I promise.

11.18: Looks like we won’t have to sit around all night waiting, anyway. If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well it were done quickly.

11.20: Looks like Aubameyang is done, though. Deal sheet in for Dele.

11.13: FFS. First Wordle and now this. Should never have been so cocky.

11.09: This is genuinely the biggest transfer of the day, by the way.


11.01: Deal Sheet Alli. Dele Deal Sheet. Deale Alli? Anything in any of those? No? Fair enough. Been a long day. The window’s shut, anyway, but as we know that doesn’t mean all that much for the next hour or so.

10.50: Burn, Baby, Burn. We are disarmingly close to being able to call this a night, I reckon. All eyes on the red and blue halves of Liverpool for Carvalho and Dele and then we can all go to bed.

10.39: The boy Stead has gone dangerously early on his Transfer Window Winners. Anything could happen in the next 21 minutes, but he simply will not be told.

10.31: More Orny on Douglas Luiz, who looked like he might be a major deadline day player at one point but then wasn’t. Well done, Villa.



9.35: Rangers mercifully don’t muck about with any of that midnight deadline nonsense. Aaron Ramsey confirmed. Nice bit of work that as well.

9.32: Everton had a crack at Luka Jovic today, according to Fab. Nothing doing. Dele is done, though, according to the Italian oracle. At last! At five hours, it officially breaks the world record for shortest ever transfer saga.

9.13: Told you Spurs were still plotting something out of leftfield. Knew it wasn’t just the scampi.

9.08: Aaron Ramsey to Rangers rumbles ever on. Midnight deadline there, apparently, specifically because they hate me.

8.51: If Dan Burn to Newcastle goes to deal sheets, we riot.

8.39: We forgot about Fabio Carvalho to Liverpool. Could definitely still go through, but with a loan back to Fulham for the remainder of their promotion push.

8.34: Dele Alli to Everton here-we-goed, and a little subtweet at Ornstein as well. Romano in frisky mood as the deadline approaches. Once Aubameyang is sorted we’re into the realm of waiting only for Unexpected Late Twists which can of course Come From Nowhere on this grimmest of all days.

8.06: Dele Alli is still doing his Everton medical. Nothing untoward apparently.

7.55: Fabrizio, my dear man, we never thought they were. We do now, because that’s how our heads work.

7.35: It would have been a bit much to ship out Bergwijn as well as Dele, Ndombele, Lo Celso and Bryan to be fair.

7.28: Have to assume this is the end of the brief yet magical Ben Brereton Diaz dream, though. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

7.27: Ornhub.

7.10: Fabrizio Romano’s latest is a heady brew. Aubameyang to Barca is a yes (albeit not yet a here we go) while Dembele has a “last” offer to go to “an English club”. We’re cheerfully putting two and two together here and getting Chelsea unless and until someone tells us different.

6.52: BREAKING: Rodrigo Bentancur pronounces it “Tottingham” and is therefore destined to be a club legend.

6.49: Everton have got at least one key deal over the line, anyway.

6.45: I hope Newcastle know what they’re letting themselves in for, that’s all. The media backlash for a morally and ethically dubious takeover will be absolutely nothing compared to the sh*tstorm heading their way if they do Super Frank/Lamps/Bambi dirty.

6.42: Frank, you might want to sit down. We have some news.

6.40: ORRRRRNNNNSTTTTEEEEIIIIIINNNNNNNNN throwing a Newcastle-shaped spanner in Everton’s Dele Alli works.

Eddie Howe v Frank Lampard: Choose your Tory.

6.34: Yes please. (Our Spanish isn’t the best, but we’re pretty confident we’ve got the crazy gist.)

6.17: To be clear re. last update, my source for that is nothing more reliable than my gut and I’ve just had some slightly iffy scampi.

6.16: Spurs confirm Giovani Lo Celso’s departure to Villarreal. I genuinely thought he was going to be the dog’s b***ocks. Neither the first nor last time I’ve been badly wrong. On which note, I reckon with all these outgoings Spurs are going to try and pluck something from the air/their arse in the closing hours. Will probably fail, like, but might keep us all entertained into the small hours.

6.12: Chelsea now after Ousmane Dembele according to the once-proud former overlords of all things Deadline Day, Sky Sports. You’re probably too young to remember when it was all yellow ties and d*ldos rather than Here We Go hashtags. You sicken me.

6.11: One-man transfer industry Fabrizio Romano says Barcelona haven’t given up hope of getting an Aubameyang deal over the line.

6.01: Arsenal might be making a bit of a b***ocks of things.

5.51: Computer says no.

5.40: More Spurs stuff, not unexpected but good to get all these bits and bobs filed away in good time. Not even six o’clock yet! We’ll be tucked up in bed by 10! (We won’t.)

5.36: He’s going to have to fight Dane Scarlett for that shirt anyway. But the player who so captivated and inspired him is… Mr. Adnan Januzaj. Extraordinary.

5.30: We’ve just found out why Spurs new boy Dejan Kulusevski wears the number 44 shirt and it has blown our tiny, little minds. Guess the player who inspired him…

“I said to my dad that I wanted to be like that, I wanted to play that way. I got attached to that number, read a few things and fell in love.”

5.24: In the day’s most predictable news and accompanied by its most nailed-on quote, Harry Redknapp has backed Frank Lampard to get the best out of Dele and declared: “There’s a great player in there somewhere.”

5.16: Absolutely desperate to find out what it would take for Spurs to get the full 40m euro here. Dele winning Champions League, Ballon d’Or and Rear of the Year, presumably. We’re also assuming that the slightly strange construction of this deal is because Everton can’t do any more loans from Premier League clubs; this is to all intents a loan with obligation, isn’t it?

5.03: “F*** sake, just done a Lingard story” comes the howl from one of our under-the-cosh news monkeys. The joys and perils of deadline day. It’s why the shrewdies get themselves on the live blog, where hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute contradictions and jarring changes of direction aren’t just acceptable but positively encouraged. Still half-expecting Spurs not to have actually signed those two lads from Juventus. Be very on brand.

5.01: Could Jesse Lingard still end up at Newcastle tonight?

4.53: Not much we didn’t already know in the Spurs announcements. Kulusevski is an 18-month loan with an “option” to buy, details of which are not entered into here but which the Evening Standard suggest are in fact an obligation should Spurs reach the Champions League this season or next with the Swede playing in more than half their games. Bentancur is on a permanent deal until 2026.


4.34: Spurs kept us waiting all this time, then only announced one of the signings, and with only a bit of tinpot artwork? Dusted club.

4.31: Certainly seems like we’re getting somewhere (relatively) nice and early this particular deadline day. But remember: nothing is done until all the deal sheets have been dealt with and Gary Lineker has done a 10k-likes banter tenuously and tortuously combining deadline day with the travails of our beleaguered Prime Minister, so don’t go anywhere.

4.21: Juventus have confirmed the Bentancur and Kulusevski transfers to Spurs. Nothing official from Spurs as yet. Presumably finishing touches being made to the all-important announcement videos for the #socials.


3.56: Spare a thought for Daniel Levy screaming into his pillow as we bring you more on that Dele Alli deal. He will move to Everton on an initial free transfer, but the Toffees will have to pay £10m once he has played 20 games for Frank Lampard’s side. £10m? Oh, Daniel.

It’s thought he will be on a two-and-a-half-year contract. This is turning into quite the day for Everton.


3.44: Tanguy Ndombele has sealed a loan move to Lyon. The deal includes the option of a permanent signing for €65m at the end of the season. Bit of a shame really, lad’s got a lot to offer…

3.35: Aubameyang’s move to Barcelona has broken down over his salary. Who saw that coming?

But it’s definitely nothing like Odemwingie driving to QPR – Aubameyang was in the Spanish capital on a ‘family trip’.

3.27: Frank Lampard has been Everton manager for a couple of hours and has already signed two Frank Lampards. Dele Alli is set to join Donny van de Beek slamming in goals from midfield. No talk of defensive reinforcement. It’s all very Frank Lampard.

3.20: Newcastle are still after a striker and haven’t given hope of landing Stade de Reims’ Hugo Etikite. Some are reporting the two clubs have agreed a £25m deal, others reckon Newcatle need to offer a tad more. But that could be a moot point anyway in a blow for palindrome lovers, as there is ‘no agreement on player side’.

3.00: The Bentancur deal will cost Tottenham £15million up front and another £4million in potential add-ons. Kulusevski’s loan will be for 18 months and will cost £8.3million. The Evening Standard says Tottenham will be obligated to buy the Swede for £25million if, in the meantime, they return to the Champions League and Kulusevski plays in more than 50 per cent of their games.

2.50: Man Utd miss out on Nicolas Gaitan for the 427th transfer window running…

2.45: Strong Peter Odemwingie vibes from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whose arrival in Barcelona surprised Barcelona themselves.

The Mirror reckons Arsenal expect Barca to cover the majority of his £350,000-a-week wages for the rest of the season.

As it stands, it seems most likely that Dembele will stay at Barca and Aubameyang will be making the return flight to London with his tail between his legs.

2.40: Phillip Anthony Jones has indeed turned down the chance to move to Bordeaux for the rest of the season.

The Athletic says Jones was training with Man Utd at Carrington this morning and will stay at Old Trafford.

2.32: Just Matt Targett and Dan Burn then for Newcastle. Unless they can get Man Utd to cave over Lingard…

2.10: Man Utd want millions up front, the same six-fold if Newcastle stay up, and a unicorn that sh*ts Smarties…

2.05: City there, signing an Argentina international for £10million less than Chris Wood…

2.00: Can’t wait to see how desperate Barcelona get in the next few hours…

1:55: It seems Jesse Lingard‘s future is in the hands of the Man Utd board.

So he’s probably f***ed.

1.40: Nothing seems to be sticking for West Ham. They want a striker and a centre-back but are struggling to get either of their main deadline day targets…

1.30: Everton have a new manager. Who apparently wants four new players before the end of his first day…

1.25: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may have landed in Barcelona but it seems by no means certain that he will sign for the Catalans.

Our friends at Sport Witness have translated AS, where it says about Auba’s move ‘it can be, but it won’t be easy at all’. Elsewhere in Spain, reports suggest all parties are ‘too far apart’.

Barca will also want a stringent medical after Aubameyang left Gabon duty due to a heart issue.

1.15: Has Aaron Ramsey chosen Rangers?

That’s the claim of Calciomercato. Apparently, the Juventus midfielder has snubbed a Premier League club and ‘a big club on the continent’ to move to Ibrox and the contract is being signed.

Rangers are liable for less than 30 per cent of the Welshman’s salary. But given he’s on around £400,000 a week, that still represents a huge outlay for the Gers.

1.10: This may go some way to explaining why Arsenal are prepared to let Nicolas Pepe leave on loan…

The Independent says the Gunners have been offered Ousmane Dembele as part of the deal to take Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to the Nou Camp.

Still doesn’t address the lack of a striker or midfielder, though.

1.00: A few clubs have tried to get Steven Bergwijn away from Tottenham this month, with Ajax having offered £15million.

But the Holland forward stays at Spurs, according to the Evening Standard.

12.38: Alvaro Morata, one of a 427 strikers to be linked with Arsenal today, stays at Juventus for the rest of the season.

12.22: Unlike Arsenal, Bournemouth aren’t f***ing about…

The Liverpool defender, who attracted Premier League interest, is potentially one of five signings today for the Cherries.

12.00: Arsenal could lose both of their last two record signings today…

90min says the Gunners are willing to let Nicolas Pepe leave on loan, with interest from Germany, Spain and France.

Any chance of signing some players, lads?

11.55: A new name in the frame for Everton: Luka Jovic.

The Telegraph says the Toffees want to sign the Serbia striker on loan from Real Madrid for the rest of the season.

We already know Donny van de Beek is in the building, while Everton also wanted to bring Idrissa Gueye back from PSG.

11.50: Ornstein has more details on Aaron Ramsey…

The Athletic reporter says Ramsey is at a private air terminal in the UK deciding which of three routes to take.

Rangers is an option, as is an unnamed Premier League club, as well as another ‘big club on the continent’.

11.40: Here’s Aubameyang landing in Barcelona in the hope of completing his move to the Nou Camp. And a bloke losing his sh*t over the sight of the Arsenal captain.

With Arsenal struggling to sign a striker to replace him, Eddie Nketiah is likely to stay, disappointing Crystal Palace.

So the Daily Mail says Palace will complete the permanent signing of Jean-Philippe Mateta today.

11.35: Aaron Ramsey has rejected any and all offers from the Premier League this month. But the Wales midfielder could be heading for Scotland…

Fabrizio Romano says Rangers have agreed with Juventus a loan deal and an option to buy, with the Gers now working on convincing Ramsey to move to Glasgow.

11.30: Some good news for Everton fans. Donny van de Beek has reportedly completed his medical, with a loan move from Manchester United set to be announced imminently.

The Telegraph is also reporting that Duncan Ferguson has accepted Frank Lampard’s offer of a role on his coaching staff. The Evening Standard adds that Ashley Cole could follow Lampard to Goodison.

11.25: Arsenal look set to miss out on another striker from Spain…

AS says the Gunners made enquires to Espanyol over Raul de Tomas. But Arsenal are yet to get close to his £58million release clause.

So at this stage, it seems likely that Eddie Nketiah will stay until the end of his contract in the summer.

11.20: More on that Yannick Carrasco whisper…

The Athletic says Tottenham did explore the possibility of signing the Belgium international from Atletico Madrid. But the Spaniards are unwilling to consider a move at this late stage. And his buy-out clause expired in recent days.

11.15: With six new arrivals, Newcastle will have some deadwood to shift…

Goalkeeper Freddie Woodman is one of a few players bound for Bournemouth; Middlesbrough are in for Ciaran Clark; while Elliot Anderson is set to head out on loan, with Luton and Fleetwood keen.

Dwight Gayle will also be up for grabs too if Ekitike signs.

11.10: We like this…

Three-and-a-year contract for Burnley’s big man.

11.05: With Ekitike, Burn and Targett on the way, that could be it today for Newcastle.

The Athletic says that’s all the business the Magpies expect to complete – but things could change.

Will that be enough?

11.00: DONE DEAL

Big signing, this. He’s 6ft 6in, FFS.

10.50: A line from Spain on Arsenal’s striker search…

Mundo Deportivo says the Gunners made an offer over the weekend for Alexander Isak worth around £58million. But Real Sociedad are insisting on the Sweden forward’s release clause being met, which would mean Arsenal having to cough up £75million.

Isak was reportedly in London this weekend. Shopping, apparently…

10.30: Here’s one out of nowhere…

Yannick Carrasco‘s agent Pini Zahavi is in talks with Newcastle and Tottenham. Foot Mercato says both clubs are willing to pay his £50million release clause.

Can anyone smell bullsh*t?

10:20: Arsenal also need a centre-forward, especially if Barca can copper up to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Mirror says Arsenal have been in touch with Alvaro Morata over a potential return to the Premier League.

Morata is already on loan at Juventus from Atletico Madrid, but Arsenal want to borrow him for the rest fo the season. But there have been reports that Morata didn’t fancy it as he didn’t feel like half a season would be long enough to re-settle in London and show his best form.

10.05: West Ham need a striker today and it had been reported they have had a club-record offer worth up £50million accepted by Benfica for Darwin Nunez.

90min says the Hammers are working on persuading the striker to make the move. Nunez is today with the Uruguay squad but, apparently, any medical could be completed by the same medics conducting checks for Spurs on Rodrigo Bentancur.

10.00: Perhaps relevant to Man Utd…

Le Parisien says PSG won’t be signing Ousmane Dembele today. They don’t want to meet Barca’s £16million demand – an amount United are said to have offered – and instead offered the likes of Mauro Icardi, Angel Di Maria and Juan Bernat in part-exchange. Now they want to bring in the winger on a free in the summer, but Barca need to shift Dembele for whatever they can get today.

09:55: And right now, Jesse Lingard is said to be meeting Ralf Rangnick in an effort to persuade the Manchester United boss to let him leave the club.

Newcastle’s interest is well known, but The Mirror says West Ham are making a renewed effort today to re-sign the England attacker.

09.45: Donny is almost free.

Right about now, van de Beek is dropping his trousers and coughing for Everton’s doctor. The Holland midfielder could be one of four new arrivals today for the new manager at Goodison Park.

09.35: As a free-agent, Jermain Defoe doesn’t have to hurry to find a club today. But Sunderland are back in for their former striker.

The Black Cats need some positive news after sacking Lee Johnson in the wake of a 6-0 battering at Bolton. Apparently, Mick McCarthy is interested in going back to the Stadium of Light.


09.25: Anything happening in terms of arrivals at Arsenal, you ask?


09.20: Tood Cantwell, who has been linked with big six clubs in the past and Newcastle this month, is apparently on his way to Bournemouth.

Sky Sports says it’s a loan with the option to buy. Bournemouth are busy, with Peterborough’s Siriki Dembele and Cardiff’s Kieffer Moore also on their way.

09.17: Another line involving Newcastle. RMC in France are saying the Magpies have made an £6.65million offer for West Ham defender Issa Diop.

Diop has struggled for form at the London Stadium this season and it feels like a long time ago that Manchester United were being quoted £75million for the centre-back.

09.02: It looks very much like Matt Targett will arrive on loan at Newcastle from Aston Villa today. He will have a medical in the north east.

8.45: Reims have apparently accepted that £33million bid from Newcastle for Hugo Ekitike. That’s the word according to Sky Sports, at least…

8.35: This seems like decent business from Juventus…

8.30: An update from Newcastle via The Telegraph‘s Luke Edwards…

Apparently, the Magpies have renewed their interest in Hugo Ekitike, with a £33million offer in for the Reims teenager. West Ham are also sniffing around the 19-year-old, but Newcastle’s interest in Eddie Nketiah is said to have cooled.

8.15: When is the actual deadline?

Premier League and EFL clubs have until 11pm tonight to get their business done – or at least offer proof with a deal sheet that it’s in the pipeline. In Scotland, France and Spain, it’s midnight.

The Bundesliga deadline is 5pm because they aren’t daft in Germany. And in Italy, it’s 7pm.


Here’s a completed deal we can all get behind…

It’s a six-month deal for Eriksen at Brentford. A three-point penalty incoming for the photoshopping, though.

7.40am: There is still hope for Newcastle over Jesse Lingard…

As it was expected to, the Magpies’ interest in the Manchester United attacker has come down to the wire after the Red Devils’ demands last week.

The Athletic says Lingard will meet Ralf Rangnick this morning to push for a move to Tyneside. Rangnick has to consider his attacking options, with Anthony Martial having already departed and Mason Greenwood unavailable for the foreseeable.

Which is why United have been linked with a late dash for Ousmane Dembele.

7.35am: What of Liverpool?

With Luis Diaz already a Red, Jurgen Klopp’s focus today is on Fabio Carvalho. Fabrizio Romano reckons there is still plenty to discuss between Liverpool and Fulham, with a £5.8million offer on the table, the structure of which is yet to be decided. Fulham also want Carvalho back on loan for the rest of the season, which doesn’t seem like an unreasonable demand.

Other than that, Liverpool will spend much of the day trimming their squad. Neco Williams looks set to join Bournemouth; Nat Phillips is still attracting Premier League interest, with West Ham and Watford having been linked with the centre-back; while Divock Origi might finaly be on the move.

7.05am: And here’s what you really came for. Some salacious, steaming Gossip…

Newcastle look set to be one of the busiest clubs today. They really ought to be.

Dan Burn is on Tyneside undergoing a medical after Brighton accepted a £13million offer, and it was thought Dean Henderson would follow him to the North East. But the Daily Mail now reckon a loan move for the Manchester United keeper is unlikely.

Eddie Howe wants a left-back, with the The Athletic suggesting Aston Villa’s Matt Targett as a target.

Tottenham are also set for a frantic final day, with Dejan Kulusevski and Rodrigo Bentancur set to move to north London from Juventus. Spurs are also being linked with a late move for Yves Bissouma, with RTL claiming both they and Manchester United have made approaches to Brighton for the midfielder.

Spurs need to get shot of some players today too. Tanguy Ndombele and Giovani Lo Celso are both being linked with Lyon but Lo Celso looks more likely to be heading for Villarreal. Sky Sports says Ndombele looks like a more likely option for Lyon after PSG’s interest waned, but the sticking point could be that the Ligue 1 side want to buy back the midfielder on a permanent basis.

Dele Alli also looks likely to leave Spurs today, with Gazzetta dello Sport linking the former England star with a loan move to AC Milan. There is also Premier League interest. More on that in a bit.

Spurs have been sniffing around Ousmane Dembele, who appears set to depart Barcelona today.

Dembele could be subject of the biggest scramble, with Spurs, Manchester United and PSG all showing an interest.

Pedro Almeida says Dembele has agreed terms with PSG – something Spurs are more reluctant to do given the Frenchman’s demands – but United are said to have made a late £16.6million offer.

Barcelona need to shift Dembele before they can sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang on loan from Arsenal, with Sport saying the striker is willing to play at the Nou Camp for ‘practically nothing’.

Arsenal could also cut Eddie Nketiah loose. Sky Sports says Palace are still keen on the striker, while the Telegraph suggests Newcastle have made a late enquiry.

West Ham could be doing bits today. They won’t be signing Raphinha or Kalvin Phillips form Leeds, despite their obvious interest, with the Yorkshireman insisting neither are for sale. The Daily Mail says Chelsea have made a move for Raphinha too, but the Brazil winger won’t move before the summer.

The Hammers appear to have had more joy with Darwin Nunez. Sky Sports says a fee has been agreed with Benfica but the deal might be hard to get over the line since Nunez is currently with the Uruguay squad ahead of their game against Venezuela.

David Moyes also wants a centre-back, with Marseille’s Duje Caleta-Car set to be the subject of deadline day interest for the second January in a row, a year after a move to Liverpool fell through. Goal says West Ham have offered £18million for the defender.

And then there’s Everton. The Mirror reckons the Toffees want as many as four signings today, with Donny van de Beek set to be the first.

Apparently, Frank Lampard is set to be behind moves for Dele Alli and PSG midfielder Idrissa Gueye.

7.00am: Good morning, you rabid transfer pervs…

Let’s do this. For those of you who might need a quick catch up, here’s a quick rundown of what we know so far.

Aubameyang, Ndombele, VDB among deadline day movers?