90s / 00s video game commercials: collection shows how sexualized and embarrassing they were

90s / 00s video game commercials: collection shows how sexualized and embarrassing they were

90s / 00s video game commercials

A 90s commercial, do you understand what had to be done in the game? Recently on the Reset Era forum some users began to collect video game advertisements from the 90s and 2000s that could be found printed in the most famous magazines in the sector. As easily noticeable even without being a connoisseur of the subject, many were strongly sexualized and, in many cases, downright embarrassing, although they are an interesting historical document (with hindsight).

Some Sega and Nintendo in particular were very explicit, such as the one in the Game Boy Advance, in which a boy and a girl appeared naked in an unmade bed with the slogan that read: "The second best thing you can do in the dark." Even more an earlier Game Boy ad, featuring a girl dressed in sexy lingerie tied to a bed, stared in horror at her partner as he played on the handheld console. The slogan was "The new Game Boy pocket - A strong distraction."

Another ad, in this case of Tomb Raider III, showed a blonde girl dressed as Lara Croft walking into a bedroom winking to her boyfriend, visible semi-naked and horny in a mirror. "Are you sure you want me to wear these clothes?" Read the slogan.

+451 There are many more feasible examples, however, including half-naked women dissatisfied because their man plays with a console instead of having sex with them , sexy girls catching giant fish under the slogan: "Size Matters" and consoles being mated under the astonished gaze of a kid, complete with the slogan "Oh yes, faster, faster!". Who knows why similar advertisements are no longer made nowadays ...

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16 albums that define 2002

Published: 20 January 2022.

6 Music Goes Back To The 00s, with a selection of special mixes available now on BBC Sounds, from the likes of Kate Nash, New Yong Pony Club, and CSS's Lovefoxxx.To mark the occasion, below we take a look at the defining albums of 2002 - the year 6 Music was born - all of which turn 20 this year.Our list features records that have stood the test of time and have cemented their status over the last 20 years to be regarded as classics of their era. Is your favourite from the year included?
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  • The Streets - Original Pirate Material

    Mike Skinner’s incredible debut cost him £4000 to make - he recorded it in an empty wardrobe with duvets and mattresses to block out the echo on his voice and beats in his bedroom in Brixton, South London.

    Lyrically and musically, it was a perfect snapshot of British urban youth in the early 00s. By turns Skinner's delivery is sometimes comic, sometimes poignant, and back in 2002 it stood out as something we'd never heard anything quite like before - poetic hip hop flows over UK garage beats.

    The Streets would go onto bigger commerical success later in the decade, with two UK No.1 albums, plus a No.1 single, but this ground-breaking debut remains much-loved.

    Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights

    At the turn of the century NYC was brutally hip and Interpol came at us like Joy Division in suits; goths with swagger. They had that edge that set them apart from all the straight up Strokes copycats that were floating about at that point.

    This atmospheric debut is a dark love letter to New York. Daniel Kessler provides some incredible angular guitar work, alongside Carlos D’s seminal basslines and Paul Banks’ instantly recognisable vocal cutting through it all.

    The band have continued to delight fans in subsequent years with a further six albums, the most recent 2018's Marauder, but it's this 2002 debut that's often cited as an influence by a stream of artists who followed in its wake, notably The Killers, Editors and The xx.

    Missy Elliott - Under Construction

    An album packed with old school hip hop, including cleverly reworked samples courtesy of Timbaland on production duty. It gave Missy two huge anthems, Work It and Gossip Folks, ensuring its commercial success matched its critical acclaim.

    The album wasn't short of A-list guests either, with Method Man, Ludacris and TLC appearing on tracks, not to mention a certain Jay Z and Beyoncé.

    The record has added poignancy, with Missy dedicating it to her friend Aaliyah, the singer who died the previous summer.

    Ms Dynamite - A Little Deeper

    The Mercury Prize winning album in 2002 was this debut release for British rapper Ms. Dynamite.

    A Little Deeper wasn't short on hits: It Takes More, Put Him Out and Dy-Na-Mi-Tee were all Top 20 UK singles and still sound fierce today.

    Part of the reason for the album's success was its broad appeal. Instead of sticking firmly with her UK Garage roots Ms. Dynamite worked closely with Salaam Remi, who also produced big songs for Amy Winehouse, Nas and The Fugees, among many others, resulting in a unique mix of genres.

    With the follow-up album faltering and her music career now apparently on hiatus, A Little Deeper remains a career peak for Ms. Dynamite and an early 00s gem that's worth re-discovering.

    The Libertines - Up The Bracket

    The Libertines started 2002 as one of the year's most hotly tipped new acts, and their debut album certainly delivered. It's now considered to be a watershed moment for British guitar bands. Guitar music had been stuck in a rut in the late 90s, becoming very Americanised and glossy at this point.

    Up The Bracket (a slang term meaning a punch in the throat, which was taken from classic comedy Hancock’s Half Hour) was different. A romantic version of England served up in a joyful and DIY way. It influenced a whole raft of British indie bands who were to follow in their wake.

    The private life of Pete Doherty, and its very public reporting in the British press, soon became a distraction for the band, and they went their separate ways after their self-titled second album was released in 2004. Eleven years later they made a surprise comeback with a third album Anthems for Doomed Youth, but they'll forever be associated as one of the brightest British talents from the early years of the century.

    By the early 00s Beck had become a veteran of the music scence, with this, his eighth studio album cited by many critics as one of the best albums of 2002.

    Sea Change was about as different from his 1999 album Midnite Vultures as it was possible to get. A more mature and cohesive sound was guided by producer Nigel Godrich, famed for his work with Radiohead.

    A record packed with simple heartbroken songs and lush guitars, with Lost Cause and Guess I'm Doing Fine released as singles in the UK, it led to comparisons being drawn with some of Beck’s musical heroes like Nick Drake and Bob Dylan.

    In the 90s and early 00s, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo had made a name for themselves as super producers The Neptunes, working with the cream of US pop and R&B talent, including the likes of Britney, Nelly, Usher and Justin Timberlake.

    Following this success, they got together with friend Shay Thornton to create their own album.

    The result was In Search Of - originally released in 2001 and then withdrawn from sale as the band were not happy with the result. The remake was released in 2002, a perfect fusion of hip hop and seventies rock. With live guitars and drums replacing the bleeps and beats of the original and making the whole thing more danceable and edgy, and has proved to be an incredibly influential record.

    Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around

    This was to be Johnny Cash’s last album released during his lifetime, with the legendary singer passing away in 2003.

    A pot pourri of cover versions from a broad selection of artists (Nine Inch Nails and Sting on the same album?!) yet these all sounded of a piece, proving that Cash can flip any track on its head and make it his own.

    The album was recorded in producer Rick Rubin’s living room and was hampered by Cash’s ill health. A difficult record to make, but one that ultimately defined Johnny Cash’s legacy, while the video to lead single Hurt is often cited as one of the greatest videos of all time, and certainly one of the most emotive.

    The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots

    This was the album that really brought the previously critically acclaimed Flaming Lips into the mainstream. It marries together synthesisers, bleeps and general mad robot sounds with melodic rock guitars to give the perfect backdrop to Wayne Coyne’s psychedelic storytelling - which is by turns, bonkers and also deeply philosophical.

    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots was inspired by Yoshimi P-We, drummer for Japanese rock band Boredoms, she was also a session musician and backing singer on the record. The track Do You Realize?? remains a huge anthem for The Flaming Lips, and was named as one of Rolling Stone's 100 Best Songs of the 2000s.

    Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

    This was the album that cemented Queens of the Stone Age as international rock behemoths thanks to the anthemic singles No One Knows, First It Giveth and Go With The Flow. The record is loosely a concept album based around someone flipping through a radio dial on a drive from the city into the Joshua Tree desert, which is why there are different ‘DJs’ introducing tracks throughout.

    Dave Grohl was a member of QOTSA during the recording of Songs For The Deaf (on drumming duty) so the hype surrounding it was huge - luckily for the band it lived up to fan and critical expectations, and for many has remained on heavy rotation since.

    Ladytron - Light and Magic

    The second album from British electronic group Ladytron was pretty much universally acclaimed and ended up on numerous music critic end of year lists for 2002. It was named best electropop album of 2002 by British dance music magazine Muzik.

    Written and produced in Los Angeles by the band and co-produced by Mickey Petralia, Light & Magic featured a darker sound than their debut 604, and included the underground hits Seventeen, Blue Jeans and Evil.

    Ladytron have gone on to release four more albums, the most recent being their well-received self-titled sixth long-player in 2019.

    Doves - The Last Broadcast

    Much beloved of the 6 Music parish, this was Doves' not so difficult second album.

    It’s half uplifting, foot stomping anthems, half intimate stripped back moody tracks. Atmospheric, it's the sound of a band confident that they are at the top of their game.

    The Last Broadcast went straight to No.1 in the UK album chart on release, it also gave the band their highest ever charting single with There Goes The Fear reaching number 3. A joyful listen, despite the utter misery in some of the lyrics.

    Two further albums, Some Cities and Kingdom of Rust, followed later in the 00s, before the group made a welcome return from hiatus with 2020's The Universal Want, one of 6 Music's Top Ten albums that year.

    The Mercury Prize nominated debut from Merseyside's The Coral, peaked at No.5 in the UK Album Chart, and features one of their best known tracks in Dreaming Of You.

    The band bursting onto the scene with a jangly psychedelic folk rock that proved to be a breath of fresh air for listeners in the early noughties, helping them lead the wave of new British guitar bands.

    Both their sound and the kudos they got from Alan Wills (The Coral were the first band signed to his then new label Deltasonic) really got them noticed by the critics and led to shed loads of radio play. The band have gone on to release an incredible nine further studio albums since, but for many their 2002 debut remains their defining moment.

    Nas’s critically acclaimed sixth album contained all the raw emotion of a man who’d had to deal with the loss of his mother earlier in the year. The second single from the album, I Can, which reworked elements from Beethoven's Für Elise, became one of the rapper's biggest hits internationally.

    God’s Son also served as a full stop to Nas and Jay-Z’s very public feud which blew up in 2001 and was critical in the power struggle between the pair, for many re-establishng Nas as the hip hop king of New York.

    Sleater-Kinney - One Beat

    Written in the aftermath of 9/11 and at a time when guitarist Corin Tucker had experienced the fear and anxiety of premature childbirth, One Beat is a highly political and emotionally charged record full of rock energy.

    It was an experimental time for the band. as they pushed themselves creatively with long-time collaborator John Goodmanson at the production helm. The resulting expansion of sound was very different to past records and extremely well received by critics.

    The group would be back with another album three years later before a ten year hiatus. They've since delighted us with three more releases since 2015, and a performance at the 6 Music Festival in Tyneside that year.

    An album with an unpronounceable title, and on release all tracks on the album were untitled - though the band later published song names on their website. Not only that but all of the lyrics on ( ) are sung in Vonlenska, also known as Hopelandic, a language essentially made up by Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

    This combination had some critics foxed. Some said it was overly pretentious while others said it left the music entirely open to the listener's interpretation and was therefore a work of incredible genius.

    One thing's for certain, in 2002 there was no-one else on the planet making music like Sigur Rós. Twenty years on, and with their last studio album released nine years ago, their return would delight many music fans across the globe.

    Which albums of 2002 were your favourites? What else would you add to this list? Let us know your thoughts via our social media channels.

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