Will The Last of Us Part 2 join the PS Now catalog?

Will The Last of Us Part 2 join the PS Now catalog?

The next update of the PlayStation Now could introduce a series of unreleased games such as The Last of Us Part 2. The indiscretion was launched in the last few hours by a PlayStation user, who has noticed how the catalog of games has been updated in advance , placing the work Naughty Dog and other titles in the category of recent additions.

The image was disclosed via several forums, including ResetEra and Reddit. As you can see, among the Recently Added to PS Now category, you can see The Last of Us Part 2, Fallout 76 complete with Fallout Worlds expansion and Desperados III. All games that obviously are not present in the catalog at present. Most likely this is an error, a bug, which loaded the game miniatures slightly earlier than the official announcement. This is not an isolated case: the screen has in fact appeared to several players who have opened the catalog, thus making the bug independent of the regional area.

Rumor aside, the addition of The Last of Us Part 2 in the PS Now catalog is obviously not that absurd. In fact, over the past few months, Sony internally confirmed that the service was growing more and more and admitted the desire to publish even more titles within the catalog. The slide did not refer to the work Naughty Dog but only to other games, including Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man Miles Morales, exclusives as weight as Ellie and Joel's latest adventure.

By Sony's own admission, the inclusion of The Last of Us Part 2 within PS Now would reflect their philosophy, namely that of focusing on content and the inclusion of "top" IP, that is considered very important by the Japanese giant. Pending the official announcement, which could arrive later in the week, we invite you to follow geekinco in order not to miss any update on it.

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