Horizon Forbidden West with 20 euro PSN top-up in preorder on Gamelife

Horizon Forbidden West with 20 euro PSN top-up in preorder on Gamelife

Gamelife has opened the pre-orders of Horizon Forbidden West for PS4 and PS5, with the Standard versions of the game that also include a 20 euro PSN recharge in the price.

Specifically in the shop portal, which you can reach at this address, you can book the Standard Edition, the Special Edition and the Collector's Edition of Aloy's new adventure. The Standard Edition is available at a price of € 71.00 for PS4 and € 81.00 for PS5, and in both cases a € 20 recharge for PSN is included in the price, which makes the promotion very attractive. Please note that the offer is valid only for the Standar Editions.

The Special Edition is available for pre-order at a price of 81.00 euros for PS4 and 91.00 euros for PS5 and includes the following contents:

Complete Game SteelBook case for the physical copy of the game Digital soundtrack (to be redeemed via voucher) Mini art book

Horizon Forbidden West Finally, the Collector's Edition of Horizon Forbidden West can be booked at the price of 220,00 euro and includes:

SteelBook of Horizon Forbidden West Game download code to be redeemed via voucher in the package Original statues of a Tremorzanna and Aloy The statues require assembly; detailed instructions included in the package! Mini artbook 2 special outfits (elite Colossus Carja and elite Thunder Nora) 2 special weapons (Carja Colossus shortbow and Thunder Nora slingshot) Resource pack to use in the game: ammo, potions and travel kit Piece Alpha Windbreaker for Batosta Mechanics Pose and special face paints for Photo mode Digital soundtrack Digital version of The Sunhawk, the first graphic novel based on Horizon Zero Dawn

We also remind you that all those who pre-order any edition of the game (physical or digital) will be able to obtain the outfit and the spear of Nora Legacy to be able to use in game.

Horizon Forbidden West will be available exclusively for PS5 and PS4 starting February 18, 2021. Sony recently retraced its steps and announced that the upgrade from PS4 to PS5 will be completely free for all users.

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