The new GoPro Hero 10 Black is already on sale

The new GoPro Hero 10 Black is already on sale

Ultra-smooth 4k footage up to 120 frames per second for the new, even more performing action camera

(Photo: GoPro) Almost exactly one year after the debut of the previous model, GoPro Hero 10 Black official bringing a lot of quality and a good number of improvements to remain at the top of the actioncam segment. Already orderable online, the new flagship can record 4k video at an excellent smoothness of 120 frames per second.

It can also go up to 5.3k at 60 frames per second and deliver 240 frames per second at 2.7k : in short, whether you are filming outdoor evolutions or vlogging, it remains a performing and compact tool as per GoPro tradition. To hold up this firepower is the renewed GP2 processor which takes the place of the previous GP1 now released three generations ago, effectively doubling the framerates. The increased speed is also reflected in a more agile and snappy interface and a more responsive touchscreen. All the innovations find space under the body, since the design is almost identical to that of last year - to the benefit of compatibility with accessories - with metal chassis, anti-scratch rubberized paint coating, but 5 grams of weight in less and a lens even more resistant to scratches and bumps. The touchscreen display on the back goes from 20 to 30Hz refresh.

(Photo: GoPro) On the software side, it improves one of the most popular features, namely the Hypersmooth which rises to version 4.0 thanks above all to an improved stabilization system for shooting like on a trolley even in difficult conditions. It is worth noting that the horizon alignment tool goes from the 27 degrees of action of the last model to even 45 of the new one, making it very useful in video, for example in the middle of rough seas or on particularly rough terrain. The same 1720 mAh battery remains with an autonomy of 80 minutes at 4k 60 fps, but it improves the transfer of photos and videos both via usb type-c or lightning cable from compatible smartphones and via wi-fi in the cloud on GoPro account. >
The price of GoPro Hero10 Black is 529 euros or 429 euros with the subscription to GoPro services from 49.90 euros per year. It is already on sale on Amazon.

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