Lupine III - The Italian match arrives on Amazon Prime Video

Lupine III - The Italian match arrives on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video catalog dedicated to the adventures of the most famous thief ever, born from the mind of Monkey Punch, is expanding once again. After landing on Yamato Animation's YouTube channel, Lupine III - The Italian Match also arrives on Prime Video on September 13th. Yamato Video's Facebook page broke the news.

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Lupine III - The Italian match: Italian plot and trailer

Lupine III - The Italian match is the twenty-fifth anime television special dedicated to the character of Lupine III, broadcast for the first time in Japan on Nippon Television on January 8, 2016, on horseback between episodes 15 and 16 of the television series Lupine III - The Italian adventure.

This is the plot:

After learning of Rebecca Rossellini's disappearance, Lupine sets out in search of her. Meanwhile, he receives a letter of challenge from a mysterious masked man who calls himself the Masked Count. Lupine has been invited to a competition to see who will be the first to seize the inheritance of the Count of Cagliostro.

Below you can watch the Italian trailer:

Lupine III on Yamato Animation and Amazon Prime

As part of the celebrations for its 30th anniversary, Yamato Animation has started to publish, on his YouTube channel, a series of unpublished specials dedicated to Lupine III: Lupine III - Goodbye, my friend, Lupine III - La Partita Italiana, Lupine III - The Third Series and Lupine The Third - Prisoner of the Past.

On Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, the seventeen television feature films of Lupine are available along with numerous specials and anime series including Lupine III: the First, Lupine III - Return to the Origins and Takeshi Koike's trilogy composed by La Lapide by Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Shot of Blood and The Lie by Fujiko Mine. Not to mention that Lupine III is also present: the live action film.

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