Far Cry 6: Roadmap Announced - Season Pass, DLCs and More

Far Cry 6: Roadmap Announced - Season Pass, DLCs and More

Far Cry 6

The first person shooter Far Cry 6 will be released for PC and consoles on October 7, 2021. But the launch is only the beginning of a large-scale roadmap in which you can expect a lot of additional content in the course of the following weeks and months. The publisher Ubisoft has now revealed which ones these will be.

Accordingly, the roadmap for Far Cry 6 (buy now € 59.99) includes a classic Season Pass, which in turn has a total of three DLCs to offer. Here you slip into the roles of villains from the earlier Far Cry episodes and experience missions based on roguelike games. Also included are Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed. Here is an overview of the planned release dates of the DLCs:

Episode 1 - Vaas: Wahnsinn - November 2021 Episode 2 - Pagan: Control - January 2022 Episode 3 - Joseph: Collapse - March 2022 Worth reading: Far Cry 6 in the big preview of PC Games

In addition, owners of the Far Cry 6 Season Pass get access to the game Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon in the Classic Edition. There are also weekly missions, six special missions in new areas of the game world and a total of three special crossover missions. These each come up with the appearance of special star guests and accordingly have interesting elements to offer. Specifically, there are crossover events with actor Danny Trejo (December 2021), Rambo (February 2022) and the well-known mystery series Stranger Things (March 2022) on the program. More details and dates should follow in the course of the next few weeks. Here's the right trailer.

Source: Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 to have a Rambo and Stranger Things ‘connection’, here’s how

There are still some days before the launch of Far Cry 6 but Ubisoft has already unveiled a new trailer for the game showcasing the post-launch content that will be released, some of which would be free. These free goodies include the Crossover Missions which will add the likes of characters from other universes like Danny Trejo, a Rambo fan in Rambo: All The Blood and Stranger Things. Yara, the fictional land where the story of the game takes place, would turn into the ‘upside-down’ land in The Vanishing mission.In ‘Danny and Dani vs Everybody’, the crossover mission featuring Trejo, he will team up with Dani Rojas, the protagonist of Far Cry 6, to deliver tacos across the country. The second crossover mission is Rambo: All the Blood and features a cosplaying superfan of Rambo. The third and final mission is called The Vanishing and players have to look for Chorizo the dog in the Upside Down which doesn’t look like a cakewalk either.Some weekly insurgencies are also in store for the players where they will have to take out someone and be rewarded with some gear. There are going to be six Special Operations too which deal with taking hold of the chemical weapons that must be kept cool at all times or they will explode. Two of the Special Operations will be unlocked from October 7.