The AEW tries the coup: near the debut of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan?

The AEW tries the coup: near the debut of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan?

The AEW tries the coup

New, juicy rumors about the future of All Elite Wrestling continue to intensify. According to the latest rumors, Tony Khan's federation would be ready to sign two 90s pieces as well as former WWE champions: CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

The Chicago superstar has been away from the scene for years and, apparently , would be ready to return to the ring after a not particularly fortunate time in the UFC world. The indiscretion came from Dave Meltzer in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. According to the journalist's words, in fact, the conversations between Punk and Tony Khan have become more and more alive in recent months.

Obviously, at the moment nothing is confirmed, but there is one more reason to look forward to All Out, AEW's next big event to be held on September 5th right in the hometown of the Straight Edge Superstar.

From WWE to AEW, are Bryan and Punk coming?

As for Daniel Bryan, however, his signature should already be 100% guaranteed. The former champion played his last match in WWE in the episode of SmackDown on April 30, being defeated by Roman Reigns, and would have decided to sign an agreement with Tony Khan's company for very specific reasons: a lighter schedule and the opportunity to perform in other federations, including New Japan Pro Wrestling.

His debut should take place on the occasion of the mega show scheduled for September 22 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, a location that hosts over 20 thousand people.

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In recent months, the AEW has literally been unleashed with new signings, welcoming Andrade to the ranks of the roster “El Idolo” and Malakai Black aka Tommy End. The possible landings of Punk and Bryan, therefore, would represent the icing on the cake.

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