The button to subscribe to the Revue newsletter will appear on Twitter

The button to subscribe to the Revue newsletter will appear on Twitter

The platform will integrate the Revue newsletter service into the app and you can subscribe with a couple of clicks directly from the authors' profile

(photo: Alastair Pike / Afp via Getty Images) All social platforms want take advantage of the golden moment of newsletters. If Facebook is rumored to be planning to launch its own dedicated service shortly, Twitter has moved ahead by buying, in January, Revue, a newsletter platform competing with Subastck.

Now it's official, buttons for subscribe to Revue newsletters directly on the authors' Twitter profile, as Revue itself announced - obviously with a tweet.

"We want to provide writers with the tools to transform their Twitter audience into newsletter subscribers . It will be available soon with those of Revue, stay tuned ", explained Revue.

Photo: Revue via Twitter Once registered, Revue will send the chosen newsletters to the e-mail address with which your profile is registered on Twitter. The subscription can be free or paid. In the second case, Twitter will retain a 5% commission.

The debut of the feature is expected in the coming weeks, but it is not known exactly when. The novelty will be available first on the web and in the Android application and then also in the iOS one.

This move aims to make Revue a more attractive option for those who are thinking of launching their own newsletter, thanks to visibility that Twitter brings. Obviously, those - journalists or influencers for example - who already have a large number of followers on the platform have an advantage.

More generally, Revue's landing on Twitter is another step towards the relaunch, and change, that Jack Dorsey's platform is undertaking. Among the projects being tested there are also Twitter Blue and Super Follows, all new ways to entice creators to stay on Twitter on the one hand and, on the other, for Twitter to differentiate their revenues.

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