Superhot VR bombarded with negative reviews for self-harm censorship

Superhot VR bombarded with negative reviews for self-harm censorship

Superhot VR is receiving a barrage of negative reviews on Steam due to the removal of some content that featured self-harm. The update with censorship arrived on July 21, 2021, effectively cutting all the scenes where the player-led character harms himself or commits suicide (for example by shooting himself or jumping from a building). The developers also apologized for taking so long to remove, explaining that they basically did it so as not to hurt someone's sensitivity.

Many, however, did not take it well and reacted with anger to the novelty, starting to leave negative reviews on the Steam page of the game. So many arrived that they activated the anti-review bombing system implemented by Valve, which started filtering them.

In fact, reading reviews and comments related to the Superhot VR update has a certain effect, such is the amount of bile poured out by certain people. As always happens in these cases, there is a bit of everything: from direct and very violent attacks against developers, to others against the game, up to those who pontificate about society and the whole universe.

One of the most voted comments takes it out on the so-called "snowflakes", which the Collins dictionary defines as people, generally young, who "lack resilience and are excessively prone to take offense" in the face of conflicting opinions or content that offends their sensitivity. There is actually no evidence of campaigns against Superhot VR or other forms of pressure received by the development team. On the other hand we are talking about a four-year-old title, so it is likely that the developers simply wanted to distance their names from content that they now consider controversial.

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