Schitt's Creek is an Italian exclusive on Infinity +

Schitt's Creek is an Italian exclusive on Infinity +

The award-winning Canadian sit-com Schitt's Creek, acclaimed by the public and critics, is available, for the first time in Italy, in an exclusive preview on the Mediaset Infinity platform. Here on Amazon you will find the Funko POP! by David Rose. The first complete season is visible on the Infinity + channel and the further five seasons will arrive over the following months to compose the complete box set of the most awaited TV series in Italy.

Schitt's Creek - information on the series

Schitt's Creek is a sitcom created by Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy consisting of a total of 6 seasons. Schitt's Creek has received numerous accolades, including two Golden Globes for Best Comedy Series and Best Actress in a Comedy Series to Catherine O'Hara in 2021. At the 72nd Emmy Awards, Schitt's Creek earned seven comedy awards - including best series - and also set a new record, becoming the first series in which the four main actors were awarded the award in the same year.

Schitt's Creek was co-created by Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy, father and son in life and in the series. While watching reality shows, Daniel Levy began to wonder what would happen to wealthy reality TV families if they suddenly lost their fortune. He turned to his father, Eugene Levy, to develop the series together.

When wealthy video store mogul Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), his wife Moira - former soap opera star - (Catherine O'Hara) and their two children - hipster David (Daniel Levy) and socialite Alexis (Annie Murphy) - suddenly find themselves broke, forced to live in a small, depressing town they bought for fun. Abandoned their comfortable life, they must face their new situation and find out what it means to be a family in their new home: the town of Schitt's Creek.


Johnny Rose - Eugene Levy (American Pie)

Moira Rose - Catherine O'Hara (Second City Television)

David Rose - Daniel Levy (Don't Meet My Parents)

Alexis Rose - Annie Murphy (The Plateaus)

Roland N. Schitt - Chris Elliott (How I Met Your Mother)

Writers: Daniel Levy, David West Read, Michael Short, Kurt Smeaton , Winter Tekenos-Levy

Directors: Daniel Levy, Andrew Cividino, Jordan Canning and Donna Croce

Co-creators: Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy