Planet Manga announces the release of Tenken - Reincarnated in a Sword

Planet Manga announces the release of Tenken - Reincarnated in a Sword

The Planet Manga has announced on its Facebook page the forthcoming publication of Tenken - Reincarnated in a Sword (Tensei Shitara Ken deshita) by Tomowo Maruyama.

Tenken - Reincarnated in a Sword: the manga

Tenken - Reincarnated in a Sword was born as a series of light novels written by Yuu Tanaka and illustrated by Llo, published on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in October 2015. The series was subsequently licensed by Micro Magazine, which published the first volume in July 2016 while the Gentosha publishing house, in the magazine Denshi Birz, serialized the manga adaptation, designed by Tomowo Maruyama, from 9 December 2016 to 15 January 2018. After the magazine's discontinuation, it was published in Comic Boost and, afterwards, the individual chapters were published in several tankōbon volumes, the first of which came out in April 2017.

This is the announcement of the Italian publishing house:

A fantastic adventure awaits you in September! A meeting desired by fate, the one between an ancient sentient sword imprisoned in a forest and a young, nameless slave. The two protagonists will give life to brutal fights and spectacular magic! Have we intrigued you enough? Well, because you will find the rest of the information about TENKEN - REINCARNATED IN A SWORD on the next Preview.

This is the synopsis:

After dying in a car accident, the protagonist finds himself reincarnated in another world like a sword without remembering his name, even though he remembers the rest of his previous life. Accepting his fate by the sword, he begins looking for someone to become his master. He discovers a caravan of slave traders under attack by a two-headed bear. A young catgirl slave, Fran, discovers the sword and uses it to kill the bear. After being freed from slavery, she calls the sword "Teacher", and the two embark on an adventure together.

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