Human Target is Tom King's new series for DC Comics

Human Target is Tom King's new series for DC Comics

American writer Tom King (buy Tom King comics on Amazon) has announced his next project for DC Comics' Black Label. Together with designer Greg Smallwood, King brings the character of Human Target back to DC in a series of the same name coming next fall (probably as early as October) for the more "mature" label from DC. The announcement came with a post on the writer's social media.

"This fall. Christopher Chance, Human Target, wants to do something with it ”

Shortly after, he also showed the cover of the first issue, created by Smallwood himself. As far as one can guess by looking at the arms reaching out to the protagonist, the series will be connected to the exploits of the Justice League International of the 1980s, when it was directed by J. M. DeMatteis, Keith Giffen and Kevin Maguire. However, there is no official confirmation in this regard.

Who is Human Target?

In the DC Universe there have been two different Human Targets, but according to the King's comment the series will star Christopher Chance, the second to take on the role. Human Target was born in 1972 on the pages of Action Comics # 419 by Len Wein, Dick Giordano and Carmine Infantino, then appearing only marginally in other newspapers. After witnessing the murder of his father, Chance became a private investigator and bodyguard, protecting his clients by wearing their clothes.

The character was then the protagonist of some miniseries, one written in 1999 by Peter Milligan, followed by Human Target: The Final Cut, and then by yet another series, which lasted for 21 issues. The most recent was co-written in 2010 by its creator Len Wein.

Out of the comics, Human Target became a TV series in 1992 starring Rick Springfield and later a second adaptation with Mark Valley in 2010, which lasted for two seasons on FOX.

The character also appeared on Arrow, occasionally helping Oliver Queen's team in the fifth and sixth season of the WB serial. The actor chosen for the role was Will Travel.