Epic Games Store: You will get these free games from July 15th

Epic Games Store: You will get these free games from July 15th

Epic Games Store

In the Epic Games Store, several full versions are waiting for you as free downloads in the next week. From July 15th you will get Obduction and Offworld Trading Company for free. After downloading the games, you must first connect the games to your Epic Games Store account in order to be able to keep and use them permanently Developer studio Cyan comes from. Connoisseurs of the genre should listen carefully to the sound of this name, as the adventure classic Myst comes from this team. The story revolves around a mysterious object that falls from the sky one night and transports the protagonist across the universe. Your task is to solve puzzles, explore locations and deal with the legacies of aliens. Your decisions have a direct impact on the further course of the adventure.

Offworld Trading Company also does not play on earth, but abducts you to Mars. There you have toa> compete with many other corporations to create a company out of the ground and fight for market dominance. It is a mix of real-time strategy and business simulation that was developed under the leadership of Soren Johnsen - the lead designer of Civilization 4.

Current free games

Until 15. By the way, July 2021 you have the opportunity to download the two current free full versions from the Epic Games Store. Both Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast are currently available for download.

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Free on the Epic Games store: 'Ironcast' and 'Bridge Cosntructor : Walking Dead'

Epic Games is handing out free copies of Bridge Constructor: Walking Dead and Ironcast this week.

The games can be claimed on the Epic Games store page anytime before 15th July. As with all Epic Games freebies, claiming a copy does not require any prior transactions. As long as the claimant has an Epic Games account, they are free to keep it forever once claimed.

Epic Games has a knack for putting PC ports of Switch games in their freebies basket. Both the free games this week fall into this category.

Bridge Constructor is a series of physics simulation games published by Headup Games across a number of platforms, including Android and iOS devices. This particular spinoff simply places the Bridge Constructor franchise in The Walking Dead universe.

Familiar faces from The Walking Dead comics simply add flavour to this simulation puzzle game. Functionally, it plays out a lot like the Happy Wheels maps when controlling the characters. Other times, owners of this Bridge Constructor spinoff on Epic Games will simply do the usual Bridge Constructor stuff - build contraptions and pathways.

Only, this time around, the idea is to deter hordes of zombies. This adds a tower defense element as well - complete with throwable grenades and such.

All in all, it is a well-polished game to try for the weekend. For people who love physics-based simulation like in Happy Wheels, this is a must-claim on the Epic Games store.


Like Bridge Constructor, Ironcast is also a Windows port of a 2015 Switch game, and it is an intricate mix of different genres. Ironcast is a Steampunk roguelite where the player controls the titular ‘ironcast,’ the in-universe term for a mecha. The turn-based mecha combat happens behind a match-3 screen of shiny gems.

A mix of Candy Crush gameplay with mechas sounds like a strange niche, but it works well together.

Getting both for free on Epic Games saves the claimant about ten dollars. Plus, both of these games are very low-maintenance on the PC specs side.