Waze teams up with Renault

Waze teams up with Renault

Waze has teamed up with Renault and announced the new version of the app integrated into Android Auto, the platform for connecting your smartphone to your vehicle's multimedia screen without having to use USB cables or a Bluetooth connection. For the moment, the announcement only concerns Renault, but given the growing diffusion of the application in recent years, it is reasonable to expect further announcements of partnerships with other car manufacturers.

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New services

Waze is a navigation app for cars that was born in 2008 with the aim of making available to the community a map built and updated by users in order to provide precise driving directions both in large cities and in more rural areas. Unlike traditional digital maps, Waze is not based on satellite images but on the information provided by its users through the crowdsourcing technique. The application records the movements of its users and sends them anonymously to the company's data centre.

Over time Waze has attracted tens of millions of dollars in investment and in 2013 it was bought by Google. Today there are around 150 million users and the service is available in 50 languages ​​in over 185 countries. In addition to motorists, the Waze community has over 500,000 map editors who update maps daily and ensure that road network data is accurate.

From the possibility of searching for the closest and cheapest service stations and electric recharging stations to knowing in advance the cost of the toll in the event of long journeys, from the audio player which, thanks to company agreements with major streaming platforms allows the user to listen to music or podcasts without leaving the application to the possibility of identifying the parking lots closest to the destination, the features added over the years are numerous. In particular, in telling sportsgaming.win about the application, the company's regional manager Dario Mancini proudly mentions the possibility for users to view the position of as many as 655 first aid and health emergency operating units throughout Italy, the result collaboration between Waze and its community of local volunteers.

Local mobility

For several years, Waze has also been active in helping cities address mobility issues such as congestion , safety, sustainability and costs, with over a thousand partnerships with various entities around the world in order to promote smart mobility, such as Rome Airports and the City of Milan. Waze Crisis Response is the program through which the application helps communicate with motorists and improve road safety in the event of natural disasters or other unplanned tragic events. Examples of this were the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa in 2018 - after which the Waze community immediately took action to update itself and indicate all the closures of the motorways and city streets underlying the bridge - and the earthquakes in central Italy in 2016 and 2017, when it took just a few hours for the viability of the access roads to the places affected by the earthquake to be already indicated on the map.

According to Aron Di Castro, marketing and partnership director of Waze, "having navigation available in time real, route and alerts from Waze integrated into the display of Renault vehicles, makes the driving experience streamlined and seamless.We look forward to bringing this new driving experience to more and more users around the world in 2023. "