Updated | Eolo does not work, disservices throughout Italy

Updated | Eolo does not work, disservices throughout Italy

Updated | Eolo does not work

Update of 04/12/2022 at 15:09 – Eolo contacted us to share the following communication with us:

“ With reference to the disservices that occurred on the network on 2 December, EOLO points out that they involved less than 1% of the company's customers, and that the problems were resolved within a few tens of minutes. EOLO is committed to offering the best possible service to all its customers and to bringing ultra-broadband even outside the big cities”.

No, it's not just you: Eolo is offline throughout Italy. The famous operator's network has been down for a few minutes, making it impossible for all customers scattered throughout the country to navigate.

The reports grew exponentially on the well-known Downdetector portal around 2.00 pm today, December 2nd. The places most affected seem to be the big cities, in particular Milan and Perugia, but as mentioned, the connection problems seem to be widespread throughout Italy.

At the moment the company has not yet issued communications either on its website or on social channels, so we do not know what the extent of the damage is and for how long the network will remain unusable. As it is reasonable to imagine the assistance channels are clogged, so for now we can do nothing but wait patiently; we will update you as soon as there is news, so keep an eye on our pages.

Even the site of the popular network service provider is conspicuously slowed down, probably given the amount of unusual traffic to which it is subjected. Eolo allows you to carry out a self-diagnosis of the system from your personal panel for checking problems, and it is precisely for this reason that the site may have been overrun by users.

We are sure that the company's technicians are already working to restore access to services, even if the cause of this extended downtime in various areas of the peninsula is not yet clear. Obviously we will not fail to report any updates to the news and, above all, communicate when the disruption has been resolved.

Are you an Eolo customer? Were you also affected by this internet downtime?