The Director's Cut of Elvis would contain several concerts

The Director's Cut of Elvis would contain several concerts

In a recent interview with IndieWire, director Baz Luhrmann talked about the Director's Cut of Elvis , hinting that, one day, he expects to be able to release the extended version of his docufilm on the King of Rock (you can find here our review of the home video edition of the film on 4K Blu-Ray). Furthermore, in the director's mind this 4-hour version of the film could also contain several extended concerts by Austin Butler , the very talented actor who played Elvis in the film.

The Director's Cut of Elvis will contain several concerts, if it were to be made

The director Baz Luhrmann has declared that the material left out of the film covers about 4 hours of footage and that it would be his wish to be able, sooner or later, to make the Director's version Elvis cut. In addition, much of this material is vocal performances by Autin Butler , who recorded entire concerts as Elvis .

Buy your Blu-Ray copy of the movie Elvis here on Amazon . Luhrmann then made it clear that, for the moment, it is an idea in his mind that he hopes to be able to realize, even if not in a very short time, adding that the final decision on the realization of the Director's Cut of Elvis will naturally rest with the company that should make it, that is Warner Bros., as it is up to you to decide whether or not to invest money in its realization. Furthermore, the director himself has stated that he would like to return to his ambitious film project in a while, after taking a break from it.

Elvis in 4K The director then emphasized the fact that it's not so simple to make Elvis' Director's Cut  simply by putting the footage together: in fact, an excellent job is needed on editing the scenes, effects visuals up to the existing film and, overall, a good general finishing job. In short, the scenes are there, but they still need a lot of work before being inserted into Elvis. The director then hypothesized that, to make an extended edit of his film, he would need 4 to 6 months of work.