Mate.SUV, the electric cargo bike that reinvents mobility

Mate.SUV, the electric cargo bike that reinvents mobility


Mate.SUV is the new creation, inspired by Danish cycling culture and designed in Germany by Mate and the Zanzotti Industrial Design studio, which aims to change the way citizens move. We are therefore faced with a cargo bike redesigned as the perfect alternative to the car, a vehicle that allows you to save money, avoid road congestion but, above all, with zero CO2 emissions.

As stated by the company, the Mate SUV features a powerful 250W mid-drive motor with pedal assistance that avoids overexertion, is capable of covering up to 100km on a single charge and has a top speed of 25km/h h.

What distinguishes the design of the electric cargo bike is undoubtedly its modular structure which, based on the needs of each user, can be enriched with some extra options. Among these, the possibility of choosing off-road tires or the exclusive MATE Wing technology that make the Mate SUV much more versatile. For rainy days there is an optional protective rain cover.

Maximum safety is also guaranteed thanks to the presence of shock-absorbing materials and an aluminum frame which aim to protect all passengers from possible impacts. However, the presence of integrated rear and front lights and an LED light bar ensures adequate brightness even in the darkest hours. A final touch is given by the possibility to customize the cargo bike with a series of intelligent functions accessible directly via the smartphone. Equipped with 4G connectivity, the vehicle allows you to check the battery autonomy and plan the route.

For interested users, in our EU markets and the UK, the company has already opened pre-orders for 49 euros. The total cost of the Mate SUV is around 6,499 euros. According to reports, the online configurator should already be available in Q2 2023, while deliveries will have to wait for next autumn.