Marvel's Avengers, is the end of the race near?

Marvel's Avengers, is the end of the race near?

Marvel's Avengers

Released in 2020, Marvel's Avengers would now be on the way to sunset. This is reported by Miller Ross, an insider who has always been close to the environment of this industry. According to his words, published in a long report, Crystal Dynamics would now be ready to disconnect support for the game, however respecting what was promised at launch.

First things first: according to what was reported by Ross, Crystal Dynamics would not have any planned content for Marvel's Avengers after 2023 . The title, released in 2020, was initially supposed to be supported by 3 to 5 years of content. The promises would therefore have been respected, at least for the minimum duration of the contents, but it is clear that behind this possible decision there are other important factors.

Beyond the declarations of Crystal Dynamics, Marvel's Avengers was not a lucky project. The 2020 launch was heavily criticized both on the technical side and on the content side. Right from the start, the development team realized that they had embarked on a much greater challenge and it took much longer before a recovery, which never took place on a total level. The probably choice to support the game for only 3 years would therefore be part of a "rescue" operation, especially now that the development team is part of the Embracer Group. Keeping promises yes, but maybe right now it would be better to go ahead and move on to other projects, such as the next Tomb Raider .

What types of final content will come to the game is not yet clear. Surely though Crystal Dynamics will have to release some kind of content in the next year. But be careful: although the support can be detached, it does not mean that the title will no longer be playable. According to the report, in fact, Crystal Dynamics will still keep the servers active, but without proposing new raids, characters and other types of additions. We will update you as soon as there are further details and news in the pipeline.

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