James Gunn clarifies The Batman's status in the new DC Universe

James Gunn clarifies The Batman's status in the new DC Universe

In recent days, an indiscretion from Variety had spread online according to which James Gunn and Peter Safran, new co-CEOs of the DC Studios division, were considering the idea of ​​incorporating The Batman, the award-winning film by Matt Reeves , within the DC Universe and no longer leave it as a stand-alone project. The denial promptly arrived on Twitter from James Gunn who returned the rumors to the sender.

The Batman will not be connected to the other DC Universe films

There are few reporters I adore more than Adam B. Vary, really a great guy, but this time he has to change his source of information because the news is absolutely not true.

The Batman will therefore continue to be untied from continuity and will lead the way to its shared universe, remaining in any case under the supervision of the new DC Studios. The sequel has already been announced, again with Robert Pattinson in the role of the Dark Knight and with Matt Reeves to direct, while the spinoff series on the Penguin of Colin Farrell and other projects related to the villains of Batman are in the works. Pattinson had already expressed himself in the past on the difficulty of having a Superman within the universe of The Batman, made with a more realistic and noir tone.

There are few reporters I love more than @adambvary – truly a good guy – but in this case he needs to get a new source as this is entirely untrue. https://t.co/a7cnbTfpSi

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) December 14, 2022

To see the sequel to The Batman at the cinema, however, it will still take some time: according to the latest rumors it will not be released before 2025. The possible involvement of the Riddler by Paul Dano and the Barry Keoghan's Joker. Given the ending of the first film, many are hoping for a team up between villains, as often happens in DC comics. The Batman was a major box-office success for Warners, garnering very positive reactions from critics and audiences.