James Gunn calls Superman a priority and talks about Green Lantern

James Gunn calls Superman a priority and talks about Green Lantern

James Gunn has called Superman a priority for the future of the DCU in response to some reports that, for example, Wonder Woman 3 would be canceled following the departure of the director, Patty Jenkins. The rumors also concerned the future of Superman and Black Adam, and there was even talk of a rebirth of the Justice League Snyderverse. Gunn made it clear that, for now, it is too early to hazard guesses, but he also reassured fans that the characters and their stories will be treated with care.

James Gunn calls Superman a priority and talk about Green Lantern

After posting a Tweet celebrating 40 years since the release of the historic Superman film starring Christopher Reeve, fans asked the director what the future of the Man of Steel will be. Here's Gunn's response:

Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.

Again with regard to Superman, some rumors claim that James Gunn does not like Henry Cavill, the well-known and beloved actor who plays Clark Kent in the most recent cinematic iterations of the Man of Steel. James Gunn responded with a curt: " It's fake ". In short, although the rumors and reports can sometimes turn out to be true, in some cases this is not the case, and this is why it is important to listen to the reasons of those directly concerned directly from them.

Shop Superman themed here on Amazon! Also, for any fans of Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern, Gunn said he too is "important" to the future of the DCU. James Gunn demonstrated a certain amount of irony and coolness in answering the many questions from fans worried about the future of the DCU, even if he couldn't go into too much detail about his new projects simply because, at the moment, it's really too early. which is why he asked fans of DC Comics and the DCU to have a little patience.