Echo Show 8 at a Black Friday price? 42% discount!

Echo Show 8 at a Black Friday price? 42% discount!

Are you looking for your very first Christmas presents? It's early December but you have no idea what to put under the tree for this 2022? Then you will be happy to take a look at this promotion, since it concerns a splendid smart device which, we are sure, could also be a wonderful Christmas present for many.

We are talking, as you may have understood, of the excellent Echo Show 8 , a smart HUB in the Echo range, with an 8″ screen, generally not among users' favorites, precisely because it is sold at a price that is not so convenient compared to the more well-known Echo Show 5 (which is also on sale ).

This particular device, in fact, is generally sold at a price of €129.99 but today, thanks to Amazon, you can save as much as 42% on the purchase, or as much as 55 euro, thus being able to purchase this splendid product for only €74.99!

A small deal, for what is a truly interesting device, strong in various features which, without any doubt, will make it one of the most used at home, especially if you have a network of home automation products i, including lights, thermostats, cameras and the like: all products that you can easily control thanks to Echo Show 8, especially given its large and bright 8-inch touch display with HD resolution.

Of course, that's not all. , because Echo Show 8, enjoying the full support of Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, can come in handy in a lot of different ways. For example, showing you news or videos taken from the network, or acting as a small entertainment center, being able to also show content from YouTube and Amazon Prime Video (provided, of course, that you have an active subscription).

Last but not least, thanks to its excellent 13 MP camera, Echo Show 8 will also allow you to make video calls, all with excellent audio quality, and with the support of Alexa services. Basically, Echo Show has been designed not only to be an excellent companion for everyday activities, which can easily meet even the most common needs between reminder requests and music playback, but also and above all a HUB for those systems home automation which, for example, focus on the numerous integrations of Alexa which, thanks to Echo Show 8 , becomes more useful and efficient than ever!

Having said that, we just have to refer you directly to the Amazon page dedicated to the offer, with an invitation to make your purchase immediately, so that you can grab this excellent product before it runs out or, worse, the offer ends completely!

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