Digital signatures to stand for elections: an appeal against the stop

Digital signatures to stand for elections: an appeal against the stop

Digital signatures to stand for elections

Eumans and the Luca Coscioni Association are preparing to present a series of appeals, in as many courts as possible, against the government's decision not to recognize the signatures collected in digital format as valid, for presenting the electoral lists. The goal is to bring the appeals to the Constitutional Court, so as to arrive at a definitive sentence that will force the government to put an end to this discrimination, which has no reason to exist.

Since 2017, various ministries have were tasked with finding a solution that would ensure the validity of the digital signatures for the presentation of candidatures and lists, on the occasion of the elections. However, although this method has already been tested for referendum proposals and institutionalized through the creation of a national platform, active since November 2022, the government does not seem to have the will to close the circle.

Digital signatures to present the electoral lists they are already a tool used in several European countries, including Germany, and the United Nations has intervened against Italy to make it pass the paper collection. In fact, the traditional method has been considered a discriminatory limit for the participation in the democratic life of all Italian citizens. Just think of the difficulties that people with mobility problems or residents abroad and off-site may have, for whom there is no way to sign the lists other than returning to the municipalities of residence.

Furthermore, the signatures digital are safe and guaranteed, therefore the only thing missing is the legislative mechanism that allows the State to accept them. This is why Eumans and the Luca Coscioni Association are taking legal action, filing appeals against the State, in which anyone can participate in a simple and safe way.

For the first time in Italy, a list has presented signatures to run for elections in digital format Democracy and referendum led by Marco Cappato is carrying on a battle to recognize the online collection of signatures necessary for the presentation of lists for the elections. But the Courts of Appeal where the signatures were presented rejected the candidacy of the list

Who can participate in the appeal?

Any Italian citizen can participate, because access to the digital signature concerns everyone . The reference courts to appeal to are those of the municipalities of residence, while for those who reside abroad and are registered with the Aire, the reference court is that of Rome.

How to Are you participating in the appeal?

To signal your willingness to participate, just send an email to, who will take charge of each question and take care of all the technical details.

What does participating involve?

Participation in the appeal is an adhesion to the political battle, but it does not involve any expense for the citizen, the disputes will in fact be completely managed by the lawyers of Eumans and the Association Luca Coscioni.

What happens if the appeal is lost?

The Association and Eumans will bear all the legal costs, even if the appeals are lost. For this eventuality, the launch of a fundraiser has already been planned.