TSMC founder confirms plans for 3nm in Arizona

TSMC founder confirms plans for 3nm in Arizona

At a press conference with reporters in Taipei , fresh from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC ) Summit in Thailand, Morris Chang , founder of TSMC , spoke about the new production facility in Arizona , stating that the latter will also support 3nm production, although plans in this regard have not yet been finalized. In fact, the man declared: “ Phase two has almost been finalized – at the same Arizona site –. The five nanometers constitute phase one, while the three nanometers will be phase two.”

On the occasion of APEC, Chang had the opportunity to meet various political and business leaders, some of whom were quite interested in possible expansions of TSMC also in the relative states. Among the various prominent figures present at the event, we mention Kamala Harris , vice president of the United States, Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Fumio Kishida , Japanese prime minister.

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The production of chips based on N5, N5P technologies , N4, N4P and N4X should start in 2024, while for the 3nm range it will be necessary to wait a little longer. Apple has already confirmed that it will be among the customers that will be supplied at the TSMC plant in Arizona, but, obviously, it will not be the only important company.

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