With Joipaw even your dog becomes a gamer

With Joipaw even your dog becomes a gamer

Today's video game sector has changed radically compared to even just that of about ten years ago. Today, in addition to the console and PC worlds, we have virtual reality, mobile experiences and more and more new types of approaches to the medium. Gamers always have something new to discover; but according to the proposal of a start-up called Joipaw, even our four-legged friends will be able to enjoy the fantastic world of video games.

This curious new console made specifically for dogs to play comes from an idea of two friends and co-founders of Joipaw Dersim Advar and Marco Jenny. Both define themselves as great animal lovers, but also gamers and scientists, and it was this mix of things that made them think that they could go and create a game console that, to date, was still missing on the market.

The Joipaw console allows dogs to play a variety of games developed to provide a variety of physical and mental stimulation to our four-legged friends. Dogs just need to use their nose to play, and everything works thanks to a touch screen on the console console. In addition to this, dogs are rewarded for every correct choice, with Joipaw also featuring an integrated kibble dispenser.

At the moment it has not yet been announced when Joipaw will be available for purchase , but the company has already stated that all those interested in this new hardware can deposit a sum of $ 6 upfront, which will be fully refundable , then take advantage of a 5% discount on the cost of the console as soon as more details on the launch and list price are announced.

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