Future DC video games will be tied to the movies

Future DC video games will be tied to the movies

Warner Bros. plans to take full advantage of the DC license. At the head of the project is James Gunn, recently hired by the US production company to coordinate all the currently active projects, linking them all together and thus creating a real universe, as done by Marvel over the last few years . A project which, however, does not only concern the big and small screens, but which also embraces video games.

Gunn himself took care of revealing the plans, in response to a comment on Twitter, which asked if the DC video games would have been linked to the universe currently in development. “Yes,” Gunn simply wrote in response to the comment. Clearly it is not possible to have further information on this, but it is already a start.

Warner Bros. gaming division is extremely large. The US publisher has published the series of Batman: Arkham, Gotham Knights and is still in development the new game from Rocksteady, namely Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League . Gunn probably won't have total control over videogame productions, but he may request the inclusion of various elements, at least the most important, from films and TV series. An important step, in order to be able to build a real universe, which could have what it takes to be able to compete with the entire line created by Marvel and Disney. A challenge that is certainly not easy, but one that will be tackled in the correct ways.

Gunn is not, however, a neophyte in the world of videogames. In Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, he has inserted several references to Pac-Man and in the past he has worked directly with Suda51 for Lollipop Chainsaw. The future of the DC universe is therefore also in the hands of those who really know how this industry works and above all have a great deal of experience in the world of cinema.

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