The Spanish Hurtan sensationally transforms the MX-5

The Spanish Hurtan sensationally transforms the MX-5

Everyone knows the Mazda MX-5, but maybe not everyone knows the Hurtan. Hurtan Desarrollos S.L is a Spanish company, founded by the coachbuilder Juan Hurtado González, specializing in the modification of standard cars into retro-style cars, inspired by the design of the cars of the 30s, 50s and 60s. It is not the first time that the MX-5 has been chosen as the basis for aesthetic elaborations and the creation of body kits. Among the most famous, those to "transform" it into a Ferrari 250GTO, or a Caterham Seven.

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of activity, the Spanish coachbuilder has decided to create a limited celebratory version of the Grand Albaycin, based on the popular Japanese spider. By chance (or perhaps it is not by chance), the Miata has also recently celebrated its 30 years of presence on the market.

Only six examples of the special version of the Grand Albaycin will be produced, for which it will be possible to choose between three color combinations: Midnight Blue, Cherry Red or Lead Grey.

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As for the mechanical details, they remain exactly those of the MX-5 on the Mazda price list. It will therefore be possible to choose between the traditional version with soft top and the targa version with a hard top. The engines available are therefore the 1.5-litre with 132 HP or the 2.0-litre with 184 HP. Power is not the MX-5's main feature. Even in the case of the Hurtan-modified version, performance is certainly secondary for those who choose to grab one; exclusivity and the possibility of owning an (almost) unique piece are what this particular car offers.

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For the interiors, there will be two chromatic choices; moreover, the passenger compartment has been enriched with wood or metal inserts and with quilted leather upholstery, present both on the door panels and on the seats, bearing the logo that distinguishes the limited edition on the headrest. Matching leather upholstery is also provided for the steering wheel and gear lever. The interiors are very rich but absolutely in line with the retro aesthetics of the bodywork, which distorts the simple lines of the small Mazda.

With the amount of modifications made to the car, the price will also be distorted compared to that from the MX-5, and will probably be even higher than that of the standard version of the Grand Albaycin.