Why should Telcos think “green”?

Why should Telcos think “green”?

According to a recent analysis, reducing energy consumption would be essential to counter inflation and rising prices.

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It is Bartolomeo Banche himself, Managing Director and Partner of BCG, to explain how acting in this sense has a positive impact on the performance of companies: said in a very simple way, the transport and management of data, which take place on the mobile or sissa network, involve a considerable consumption of energy; reducing this consumption implies reducing its weight on the profit margins of companies. It follows that focusing on reducing energy consumption, and therefore emissions, is an excellent way to avoid final price increases.

It is not the first time that a top executive has expressed himself in favor of a "greener" vision of the world of telecommunications: the statement by Andrea Falessi, director of external relations at Open Fiber, is not a long time ago, according to which it is essential to bring the need to adapt the grid to the center of the debate, with a view to greater ecological sustainability. Confirming how important and relevant this aspect is especially in the telecommunications environment comes a simple figure from the BCG analysis: to date, the "Information and communication technologies" sector alone accounts for about 3% of emissions global emissions of CO2 and according to estimates, if the current trend does not undergo corrections by 2040, it would be responsible for 14% of the total volume.

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In short, from whatever point you look at the question, it would seem that aiming for an ecological change in the way of doing business is one of those cases where you always win. And, in the final analysis, everyone wins a bit .