Steam: the autumn sales are underway, here's when they will start and how long they will last

Steam: the autumn sales are underway, here's when they will start and how long they will last


Waiting to be able to set our sights on the next winter sales, Steam is about to attack our wallets again this autumn season with a series of very attractive discounts. As per tradition, the Valve PC store in this end-of-year period offers its users a whole series of great low-cost titles. There are experiences for everyone, from those who love the latest big triple-A titles, to those who are always looking to be surprised with games that are almost completely unknown.

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The Steam Autumn Sale will take the start this evening from 19:00. A usual time to which the Valve store has accustomed us for years. These offers will go on for a whole week, and will end on Tuesday 28 November, again at 19:00. Furthermore, in these hours prior to the start of the sales, some of the most important titles that will undergo a discount at this juncture have already been revealed.

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HITMAN 3 Cyberpunk 2077 V Rising Stray Satisfactory Hades Disney Dreamlight Valley Slime Rancher 2 These are just some of the titles that will go on sale soon, but as usual, our advice is always to take a tour of the store to discover all the experiences they will enjoy during these autumn sales.