Here comes the pole of horror: Blumhouse and James Wan together

Here comes the pole of horror: Blumhouse and James Wan together

Here comes the pole of horror

According to what reported by the New York Times , Blumhouse and James Wan with his Atomic Monster are joining their evil forces to give life to a new pole of horror. This way, Wan will become a significant shareholder in Blumhouse, Blum will retain his controlling position, and Universal will also own a big chunk of the pie. This will result in a further strengthening of Universal in Hollywood under Disney. Jason Blum and James Wan are the mega-producers behind horror franchises such as The Conjuring , The Purge , Paranormal Activity , Halloween and many others.

The horror pole arrives: Blumhouse and James Wan together< /h2> James Wan said that he has too many ideas to handle on his own and that he and Blum complement each other, while Blum stated the following in a recent interview:

“James is probably 70 to 80% artist and 30 to 20% businessman, and I'm the other way around. I don't have an idea to turn into a horror film. None. I built a business by recognizing other people's great ideas."

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Buy your copies of the horror films directed by James Wan here on Amazon! Thanks to this important agreement, Universal will be the reference house of horror and thus will have a portfolio of franchises and films in the horror genre that will surpass any other studio, even Disney. The agreement between Blumhouse and Universal will expire in 2024, while this new union between Blumhouse and James Wan will be effective from the beginning of next year.

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