Killer Instinct: Are we close to returning? A mysterious countdown has appeared

Killer Instinct: Are we close to returning? A mysterious countdown has appeared

Killer Instinct

Almost ten years have passed since the last iteration of the Killer Instinct saga. The well-known fighting game born from the brilliant minds of Rare's creatives, and then passed first into the hands of Double Helix Games and finally among those of Iron Galaxy, seems to be close to a return. Already a few years ago several rumors pointed the finger at a return of the series, but apparently it seems that we are finally there; but here's what is happening on the web right now.

As many users have pointed out, on Twitter, a mysterious post appeared on the official page of Code Mystics Inc in the early hours of the morning. it's new, just know that it's a cross-platform development studio that focuses on creating video games that wink at a past videogame era and which, at the same time, can enjoy a modern technical sector.

The post leaves little doubt, and as we can see from the image published in these hours there is a strong presence of crystalline references to the Killer Insinct franchise and to the era of arcades full of arcade cabinets. In addition to the image, a link is also circulating on the net that refers directly to the Code Mystics site, where a countdown has appeared which, at the time of writing, indicates that there are 38 hours 12 minutes and 10 seconds left to something not still very specific.

— Code Mystics Inc. (@CodeMystics) November 30, 2022

The signals seem clear, and the speculations on the part of fans of the saga have already exploded into a myriad of possibilities. There are those who believe in a new main chapter of the saga and those who think that Code Mystics is actually working on a project more focused on retrogaming, bringing the classic chapters back to life, or something more related to the multiplayer and competitive component of the title . Whatever this novelty, we just have to wait for the end of the countdown with great patience and curiosity.