James Gunn's ten-year plan will unite several worlds of the DCU

James Gunn's ten-year plan will unite several worlds of the DCU

James Gunn's ten-year plan will unite different worlds of the DCU. The director himself confirmed it: in the future of the DC Universe there are many more crossovers than seen so far and a project of enormous scope .

James Gunn's ten-year plan will merge different worlds of the DCU

Questioned on twitter by a fan, who asked if James Gunn had any intention of creating other shows for the characters of the DC Universe, the new CEO of DC Studios gave a positive answer, adding that “ the DCU will have several links between films, series TV and animated series ”. Gunn then reassured another fan by confirming that within the DCU there will still be room for films and series that are completely independent and separate from the rest of the superhero universe under his "command".

Currently James Gunn and Peter Safran, co-president of DC Films, are working on what could be called the “ Bible of the DC universe ”. And according to David Zaslav, of Warner Bros Discovery, the two should be very close to finishing this huge work. Gunn also revealed that it shouldn't be long before he and Safran can reveal their plans for the DCU to the "big bosses" at Warner Bros. Discovery. At present it is only known that the two would have a ten-year plan in mind which envisages “telling a single great shared story that will range between film, television and animation ”.

Gunn and Safran's project could come to the rescue of a situation that would seem to languish: to date, numerous series of the CW Arrowerse have concluded their path, are close to doing so or have been canceled . In fact the only still active series of the aforementioned Arrowerse is Superman & Lois , while on HBO it is possible to see Titans , Doom Patrols and Peacemaker . Gunn and Safras' project could therefore be a new opportunity for redemption and rebirth for a long series of characters and stories. But to find out, we'll have to wait for the "dynamic duo" to finish their work and submit it to Warner Bros executives: given the director's previous work, we're optimistic that it could lead to a decade of great adventures!