Creed 3: Jonathan Majors explains why boxing and cinema are similar

Creed 3: Jonathan Majors explains why boxing and cinema are similar

Creed 3

Creed 3 star Jonathan Majors has a pretty cool reason why he's flexing so much muscle for his role in the movie! During an interview, Majors explained that transforming his whole body for a role is part of the process.

Creed 3: Jonathan Majors explains why boxing and cinema are similar

Here below, the actor's statements:

All roles require it, it's just that some roles require it a little more. Some characters are heightened, and Dame is one of them, so when you see that, you want to understand that she's a unique individual, and her body is part of her expression. My boxing trainer and mentor said that people fight the way they live, and I think the same goes for acting. People act out the way they live.

Majors later compared his role in Creed 3 to his character in Devotion, Jesse Brown, the first black aviator in the United States Navy. For that role, he had to eat a very different diet because "the riders are built differently". Because of that, he wanted people to see him and think, "Well, he's definitely not a boxer, he's a racing driver."

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