Magic: The Gathering - The War of the Brothers, four decks to enjoy playing

Magic: The Gathering - The War of the Brothers, four decks to enjoy playing


We recently told you, on the occasion of the release of Dominaria Unita , some important numbers related to Magic. But now it's time to go back to talking about what fans are most passionate about, namely the new expansions. Thanks to Wizards of the Coast we were able to get our hands on The War of the Brothers a few days before the print publication which will take place on November 18th and the virtual one on MTG Arena which will take place on November 15th. We have already told you what you will find and what you should expect in the expansion in a dedicated special, but today we want to recommend 4 decks that we were able to test in those 24 hours of Early Access and that we enjoyed a lot.

So let's find out four recommended decks to better enjoy Magic The Gathering - The War of the Brothers .

Selesnya Artifacts

Magic: The Gathering - The War of the Brothers: the Selesnya Artifacts deck Let's start from a Selesnya (White and Green mana) which obviously exploits the artifacts, the beating heart of the expansion. In the center of the deck are the card Planeswalker: Karn, Living Legacy , and the cards Karn's Sylex and Reckoner Bankbuster. 6 instants and 26 creature cards complete the roster of a very balanced deck that obviously aims to create a very important vicious circle of card upgrades and gaining life points. Being very strong in the midrange, it clearly suffers a lot from mono-red decks that are extremely fast in charging aggro.

Azorius Mini Robots

Magic The Gathering - The War of the Brothers - Azorius Mini Robots Second very spicy deck is an Azorius (white and blue mana) linked to artifact creatures, especially Constructs and the Assembly-Workers. Again, Karn is featured in the list but shares his centrality with Urza, Lord Protector. Very important are Urza's Sylex and The Mightstone & Weakstone, as well as the blue sorcery One with the Multiverse. It's not a particularly competitive deck, but a lot of fun to use. A deck that, if pardoned by the right starting hand, can make victories with its countless artifact creatures spectacular.

Kayla Power Power

Magic The Gathering - La Guerra dei Fratelli: Kayla Powerstone Here we are</a> no longer speaking of a duo of colors but of a triptych. For the occasion we have chosen a very intriguing Oros/Dega (White, Red and Black) which hides various potentialities. Besides the ubiquitous Karn, the deck revolves around Kayla Bin-Kroog and the creation of tons of Powerstone tokens. To do this, the Powerstone Engineer card will be fundamental, which allows you to create them when she dies. A complex deck, certainly not inclined to be used by Magic novices, but very fun to use.

Hurkyl Control

Magic The Gathering - La Guerra dei Fratelli: Hurkyl Control Let's close our councils with another Azorius (Blue and White mana) this time not focused on Karn, but on Teferi . To accompany the legendary Planeswalker of the time, there will be the Wandering Emperor and above all many sorceries, enchantments and instants. The only creature will in fact be Hurkyl, Master Wizard in quadruple copy. A very beautiful, fun and particular deck. Teferi and Hurkyl dominate the scene and the idea of ​​revolving everything around spells is really an out-of-the-box touch that makes games enjoyable. Control suffers from faster aggro, but the large array of instant counters gives you the countermeasures you need. Everything will depend on your luck in catching them at the right time.

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