Hogwarts Legacy: Trophies revealed, none related to difficulty, but extra activities abound

Hogwarts Legacy: Trophies revealed, none related to difficulty, but extra activities abound

Hogwarts Legacy

Well in advance of the roadmap, the Epic Games Store has mistakenly revealed the list of Trophies obtainable in Hogwarts Legacy, which in all likelihood will also be identical on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam. Thanks to it we learn that the game abounds in secondary activities and that no objective is related to the level of difficulty.

To avoid spoilers, we do not report the list on our pages, since it includes some possible spoilers about the game, which you can consult on the PowerPyx portal, at your own risk.

Hogwarts Legacy Apparently, to get all 46 Hogwarts Legacy Trophies it will be necessary to complete the game 100%. This means completing all the optional missions and collecting the collectibles scattered throughout the halls and dungeons of Hogwarts. You will also need to indulge in the many side activities offered by the game, including arena battles and Merlin's special challenges. There are also objectives that require you to learn all the spells, brew every possible potion, spend all your skill points, grow every type of plant and breed every monster.

There are also four variations of a single Trophy that requires you to obtain a map as a student belonging to the same number of Hogwarts Houses. We do not know at what specific point in the story it will be possible to unlock these trophies, but basically it means that those who aim for Platinum or 100% will necessarily have to start over Hogwarts Legacy several times.

As mentioned at the beginning, no trophy is linked to the difficulty level selected by the player, so it means, at least on paper, that it will be possible to unlock them all without having to engage in particularly complicated challenges.

Hogwarts Legacy will be available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch from February 10, 2023. Just a few days ago we reviewed the game in action in a full-bodied showcase, of which we have summarized all the news in our special.

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