Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Series X | S appears in a mural in the Bethesda offices

Ghostwire Tokyo on Xbox Series X | S appears in a mural in the Bethesda offices

Ghostwire Tokyo also appears to have Xbox Series X | S among the release platforms in a sort of large mural discovered in the new London offices of Bethesda Softworks, representing a sort of proof of the upcoming arrival of the game on Microsoft consoles, in addition to PS5 and PC.

That Ghostwire Tokyo is set to arrive on the Xbox Series X | S is somewhat obvious, but probably due to agreements with Sony, the company has never been able to talk about the Microsoft console version of the game, in similar to what happened also with Deathloop.

However, in the secret rooms of the new London officers of Bethesda Softworks, it seems that this is well known, considering that Xbox Series X | S are printed among the reference platforms in the mural dedicated to the game, as you can see in the leaked online photo of the new premises of the Bethesda studios.

As happened with Deathloop, it is also very likely that the launch on day one on Xbox Game Pass is also planned, considering that it is a full-fledged first party production of Xbox Game Studios at this point . As for the release date, this is yet to be understood, however, looking at the precedent of the Arkane title, it could be set more or less precisely a year after the release on PS5.

Ghostswire Tokyo was released on March 25, 2022 on PS5 and PC, so it is highly probable that its arrival on Xbox is expected in March 2023, pending a more precise communication on the release date of this interesting title by Tango Gameworks, of which we also remember our review on these pages.

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