Fire TV Stick 4K again at an all-time low for Black Friday!

Fire TV Stick 4K again at an all-time low for Black Friday!

The Switch Off TV is now imminent and, as you know, with it the era of analogue channels will end, definitively clearing the sole use of TV via digital channels. For the average user, little or nothing will change, but for many, perhaps still in possession of an old television, without the most modern decoders for Digital Terrestrial, the possibility arises that the classic TV may no longer be visible, forcing many to have to make a forced change of your television, thus switching to a more modern smart TV.

If you are among these, or if perhaps you have a smart TV, but for some reason the internal decoder is faulty (or inefficient, and it happens!), then you might be interested in this offer proposed by Amazon which, anticipating Black Friday, will offer you the possibility to buy the excellent Fire TV Stick 4K at the lowest price ever! Thus going from the original €59.99 to just €27.99!

We are therefore talking about a 53% discount for a device that is not only full of functionality, but which is also very simple to use, and requires nothing more than a TV equipped with an HDMI input, as well as - obviously - a wireless internet connection.

Quite clear: with the Fire Stick TV, no you will be able to receive, and therefore see, Digital Terrestrial channels, but you will be able to access many free or subscription streaming services, such as Netflix, Disney+, DAZN and, of course, Amazon Prime Video.

This version of the famous Amazon "key" is also specific for viewing in 4K, and is therefore capable of receiving and projecting programs at the maximum resolution available on the television, it being clear that the device cannot in any way change the maximum resolution of your TV. As if that weren't enough, Fire TV Stick 4K even integrates Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, with which you can interact freely, both for device control and for other functions, simply by talking to it thanks to the comfortable and functional microphone integrated directly into the remote control!

Read also: DVB-T2 digital terrestrial decoder | The best of 2022 In short, we are talking about a really excellent device, sold at a very affordable price, especially considering that we are talking about the 4K edition, which is among the most expensive! For this reason, we strongly suggest that you purchase this product as soon as possible, consulting the appropriate Amazon page, so as to avoid the offer ending or, worse, it being sold out.

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