The era of single-team AAA games is over for the head of Xbox Studios

The era of single-team AAA games is over for the head of Xbox Studios

Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Games Studios, also spoke recently during PAX West 2022 that the era of triple A games developed and managed by a single team is essentially over, with collaborations that have now become a standard. for certain projects.

The main reference of Booty's speech is probably Perfect Dark, which is being developed in collaboration by The Initiative and Crystal Dynamics and on which, moreover, he wanted to deny the rumors about the problems in progress, but the question does indeed apply to several games, both from Microsoft and competitors.

It is in fact unlikely that a modern triple-A game, of colossal dimensions, could be carried out by a single team under one roof, so Booty's claim is probably agreeable to a large extent, at least as far as it's about the biggest projects from major publishers.

"The way games are developed is evolving," Booty explained, "that this happens on a single team under one roof doesn't happen very often anymore ". In this way, it's not too strange that Crystal Dynamics was tasked with carrying out part of the development of Perfect Dark with over 100 developers involved, according to Booty.

On the other hand, a similar thing had already been done for Microsoft Flight Simulator with Asobo and Microsoft's internal team dedicated to the series, as well as Age of Empires 4 which saw the collaboration of Relic Studios and World's Edge.

In fact, most of today's maxi-productions make extensive use of support teams such as Certain Affinity, Iron Galaxy, Blackbird and various others. Much of the amazement generated by the case of Perfect Dark, however, is perhaps due to the importance that characterizes the Crystal Dynamics team, usually engaged on their own projects and not on supporting others, in addition to the fact that The Initiative, on the other hand, has remained a rather small team. This has resulted in a fairly clear division of labor between the two teams, with much of the work now being carried out by the "support team".

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