Ubisoft has released a new surprise game, have you noticed?

Ubisoft has released a new surprise game, have you noticed?

Ubisoft has released a new surprise game

These days we are talking a lot about Ubisoft and the future of the transalpine company. Between rumors and an imminent digital event, it often happens to come across projects in progress at the company's studios, but apparently there are already news that have seen the light in a rather bizarre way. Let's talk about Wild Arena Survivors, a new IP for mobile devices that was completely surprise released last week.

But the curiosities about this title do not end here, since there is an even more unexpected issue that has emerged on the net in these hours. An anonymous source very close to the game would have confided to the editors of mobilegamer.biz that originally the mobile title was called Far Cry: Wild Call and was to be a Battle Royale spin-off of the well-known Ubisoft franchise. The title, moreover, should have shared the artistic direction with the more recent Far Cry 6, but apparently the project then embarked on a path of its own giving life to a new IP.

What is certain is that Wild Arena Survivors then arrived on the market, but it has very little to do with the Far Cry saga. What is still very strange, however, is the practically nothing publicity that Ubisoft has done to this mobile product, which was released without even a minimum fanfare or any notification of publication. Precisely for this reason we ask you: were you aware of the release of this new title from the company of Assassin's Creed? | ); }

Rocksmith+ launches next week, and it’ll cost you at least $100 a year

Following a lengthy period of silence on the matter, Ubisoft has taken to Twitter to announce that Rocksmith+ is receiving a surprise PC release next Tuesday, September 6. The company states that a console release date for the game “will be available at a later time.”

Rocksmith+ was initially revealed at the Ubisoft Forward event during E3 2021 and was slated for release in the back half of the year. Following mixed reception during the PC closed beta, however, Ubisoft opted to delay it into 2022 to implement improvements. The game will now launch mere days before this year’s Ubisoft Forward livestream, which takes place on September 10.

Bring out your guitars and get ready for Rocksmith+ to launch on September 6th: https://t.co/uOea7Z3PwF pic.twitter.com/ywuOZLfO2q

— Rocksmith+ (@rocksmithplus) August 30, 2022

Like the two previous games in the franchise, Rocksmith+ is a learning tool for guitar and bass that targets a variety of skill levelsand can appeal to everyone from beginners to experts. This new entry will launch with more than 5,000 songs, and Ubisoft promises it has millions more to come, with each one able to provide personalized real-time feedback so that you can nail riffs with precision.

Subscriptions to the game come in multiple tiers, including a one0month subscription for $15, a three-month subscription for $40, and a one-year subscription for $100. There are currently no cross-platform options, meaning players will only be able to access their subscription on the platform they’ve used to sign up.  The game also requires an internet connection to play.

Rocksmith+ releases on PC on September 6, with console editions and mobile apps coming in the future. For now, you can pre-register for the app on Google Play.

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