The return of Lady Oscar with a new animated film

The return of Lady Oscar with a new animated film

According to accredited online sources relating to the latest manga and anime news, the historic series of Lady Oscar, shoujo set during the tragic French revolution and officially known as The Roses of Versailles, will receive a new adaptation with a film animated.

The return of Lady Oscar with a new animated film

A first visual teaser of the project under development to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the manga series written and drawn by Ryoko also emerges Ikeda. Here it is:

Among the other innovations within the fiftieth anniversary of the franchise, a celebratory volume of 160 pages will arrive on September 15th, 80 of which in color , gallery of illustrations with author commentary, guide to episodes, tribute illustrations and much more. Click here for all the details.

Lady Oscar: the manga

Lady Oscar's manga was written and drawn by Riyoko Ikeda and serialized in Japan from May 21, 1972 to December 23, 1973 in Shūeisha's Margaret magazine and collected in nine tankōbon volumes.

The manga has recently been revived by J-POP in a new version, in which the individual volumes are enclosed in a wonderful collector's box.

THE ROSES OF VERSAILLES, in five large-format volumes, each with all the color pages expected in the most recent Japanese editions and a gallery of illustrations released at the time of the first serialization in the magazine! The next queen of France arrives in Versailles, the Austrian Marie Antoinette. There he will meet a very particular commander of the guards, Oscar, and their stories will intertwine with the grandiose and tragic tapestry of the History of France ...

A series of musicals represented by Takarazuka Revue have been drawn from the manga starting from 1974 and a film directed by Jacques Demy in 1979 entitled Lady Oscar.

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